Stimulus Check Tracker: What Does 'Payment Status Not Available' Mean?

Get My Payment is a tool provided by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to effectively and easily monitor the status and receiving date of the $1400 stimulus checks. However, the recent re-launch has bought a wave of frustrations, as many Americans are faced with the message "Payment Status Not Available."

For what it's worth, it immediately redirects citizens to the website's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Stimulus Check Tracker: What Does 'Payment Status Not Available' Mean?
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It gets more irritating when the FAQ page does not explain why this error happens, much less how to resolve it. Here is a list of the possible reasons why you are receiving this message and how to resolve it.

Payment Status Not Available

This error happens for a few possible reasons. Yahoo Finance listed that users might be seeing this because of eligibility issues, delayed processing or schedule or the lack of information to issue a payment.

Not Eligible: Eligibility reflects from your record in tax returns. If you earn an income beyond $75,000 a year, or as couples have a total income of $150000, then you are automatically removed from the recipient list.

Delayed or scheduled payment: IRS is struggling to fulfill all its obligations to the country and is currently buried with work. This is not the first time they reported a delay in their services.

Not enough informationThe IRS might not have enough information to issue you a payment. This happens when you have not applied for the stimulus checks or have not updated your tax return information.

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How to Resolve Stimulus Tracker Issue

IRS is urging people to be patient with the system. The webpage portal is updated and regulated every night, so the wait is not long. Any available information regarding the stimulus check and its recipients will instantly reflect in their portal.

IRS is, unfortunately, not taking any calls directed to their office about the issue. The stimulus checks might be delayed--sometimes by weeks--however, IRS said that they are being processed.

What If the Stimulus Check Is in the Wrong Bank Account?

TurboTax and IRS said they are vigilant with these transactions' details by confirming the IRS has accurate bank account information beforehand.

Are Banks Withholding Stimulus Checks as 'Pending'?

The individual banks are making a statement against the claim that they are holding the stimulus checks. The banks have launched their own trackers and tools for users to consult about their accounts and the possible deposit of the stimulus checks.

Banks emphasized they are actually waiting for the deposit to process because the IRS has not finished the proceeding on their end.

Can You Change My Bank Account Details?

The IRS portal does not enable users to modify or update the bank information provided already. If the bank account is closed or a system error occurs, the banks will return the stimulus payments to IRS, who will mail the physical check to the recipient.

Be warned that the process will cause some delay. IRS said that the only option you have to update your bank account is to file your 2020 taxes with the updated information of your current address.

Despite these delays, IRS and the local banks are doing their best to process your stimulus checks as soon as possible.

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