Target PS5 Restock Leaked: More Sony Consoles Coming Next Week--Release Date and Updates

Target PS5 Restock Leaked: More Sony Consoles Coming Next Week--Release Date and  Updates
According to a rumor, a new batch of PS5 restocks is coming to Target next week! Photo : Linus Tech Tips/YouTube Screenshot

While most of the PS5 restock updates usually happen minutes before a release or exactly when there is a release, a new leak suggests a later date that potential buyers can prepare for.

The leak isn't really confirmed, so viewers should still take it with caution. However, with the difficulty in buying new PS5 stocks online, this particular leak might be useful for some.

Will PS5 Be Restocked? 

For those that haven't tried buying a PS5 online, the process is actually really difficult. Ever since the PlayStation 5 launched back in November 2020, there have beena few longing gamers that are still unable to buy the console. There are a number of reasons why the process has been so difficult for gamers, including scalpers as well as crypto miners.

Nowadays, human PS5 fans all wanting to buy the console are even up against robots themselves. Scalpers have been using bots to purchase the console online ever since its release and reselling them at much higher prices to those having a hard time buying the console fair and square.

Why Is PlayStation 5 Sold Out? 

An article by The Washington Post detailed how these bots are being used by scalpers and how they have affected the whole buying field for those wanting to buy a PlayStation 5. The problem has been really strong ever since the console's releasel, and it still remains a really big problem for PS5 buyers today.

The real competition when it comes to buying the PS5 is alertness and preparedness. In order to do so, buyers have to be first notified when new PS5 restock is available. One particularly efficient way to do so without having to pay for premium services that give notifications is to follow certain accounts on Twitter called PS5 trackers.

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Target PS5 Restock

There are a number of different PS5 trackers that provide instant updates whenever there is new PS5 restock online, and in order to be notified, all that their followers have to do is to turn on the Twitter notification button. When a new online PS5 restock shows up, the PS5 trackers then post a tweet noting where and when the consumer might be able to buy the PS5 online stock.

While most of the PS5 update status is given in real time when new PS5 stock hits the website, it is very rare for a PS5 restock notification to be given ahead of time.

A certain Twitter account called PLAYSTATION 5 RESTOCK and Rumors released a tweet stating that aside from the recent PS5 restock that had just launched, a new PS5 restock on Target is expected to launch this coming March 23.

The PS5 Target restock is not yet confirmed as of the moment and is loosely mentioned online, but for those really wanting to buy the new PlayStation 5 console online, it might be worth a shot.

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