Microsoft Store Xbox Series X Restock Gone Wrong: Netizens Blame Scalpers Again!

Microsoft Store Xbox Series X Restock Gone Wrong: Netizens Blame Scalpers Again!
The Xbox Series X restock was reportedly available on the Microsoft Store, however, scalpers struck and left honest buyers furious. Photo : Linus Tech Tips/Screenshot from Official YouTube Channel

Despite the recent efforts of gamers trying to buy the new Xbox Series X directly from the official Microsoft Store, they were yet again met with disappointment as the stock reportedly went out way too fast than most people expected.

A Twitter tracker account posted an update of the Xbox Series X restock online and the comments revealed how the scalpers won yet again.

Xbox Series X Restock Online Gone Quickly

Ever since the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X have launched back in November of 2020, it has become extremely hard to purchase these consoles as honest buyers are now fighting off robot scalpers that make use of technology in order to get the first purchase. The Xbox Series X|S Stock Alerts account on Twitter was quick to give the news that Microsoft Store was selling the console yet again. While the comment section was mixed with different comments, there was one comment that stood out.

The majority of the complaints were that the website would no longer load and that it would take certain buyers a thousand tries just to get in. A certain Twitter account explained why the website was lagging. It was noted that the core reason for the website lagging is due to all of the refreshes that are being caused by scalpers.

Scalper Bots vs. Buyers

Generally, this means that the scalper bots are still very much a problem. An article back in December 2020 by Gaming Intel detailed the danger of these scalper bots towards honest buyers. Instead of being able to buy the console at a fair game, the scalper bots automatically refreshed repetitively until a website comes up with the available stock.

Once there is a new Xbox Series X restock online, the scalper bots will then automatically put an order making it easier for the one behind the scalper bots to purchase. This process has been done again and again with the new Xbox Series X stock online, which is the main reason why buying the console at the original Xbox Series X price is almost impossible due to resellers selling at a marked up price.

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Xbox Series X trackers

The good news is that there were those that were able to purchase the new Xbox Series X new stock with the help of online Xbox Series X trackers. While there are premium trackers around, one method to avoid paying is to follow certain Twitter accounts and turn on notifications in order to be notified in real time when new Xbox Series X stock hits the online stores.

Also, it is important for the interested buyers to automatically log into their accounts as this would save them time and increase their chances of purchasing the Xbox Series X new stock when it arrives online. This is a very critical step, and although some people were able to move fast when they received a notification, because of this step, some of them were still unable to purchase the next-generation console.

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