'Destiny 2' Proving Grounds Strike: Release Date, What to Expect and How to Play

 'Destiny 2' Proving Grounds Strike: Release Date, What to Expect and How to Play
A new strike called "Proving Grounds Strike" is coming to "Destiny 2" Season of the Chosen this week. Photo : destinygame/YouTube Screenshot

"Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen" was released last February, focusing on the storyline of the Cabal Empress Caiatl and her fight against the Vanguard after Zavala refused to kneel. Caiatl also seeks help from the Guardians against the forces of Xivu Arath.

How to Play 'Destiny 2' Proving Grounds Strike

This new strike will be available for season pass holders on March 23 and will enter the Nightfall the Ordeal, free for all players, the following week reset on March 30.

The Proving Grounds Strike appears to be the next step in the story, with the Guardians facing off against Caiatl's chosen Champion. How exactly it all goes down remains to be seen, but the "Destiny 2" season pass holders will get the first chance to know how the story will progress.

What to Expect from the Proving Grounds Strike in "Destiny 2"?

According to Forbes, Proving Grounds Strike is a significant addition to "Destiny 2" as a completely new strike. After all, it could be the turning point of the Caiatl Storyline, where players will take on their champion to try and make the Cabal bend to the player's will.

The publication predicts that players will run the strike this coming week as part of the Battleground storyline and then will get a cutscene from Empress Caiatl, which may mark the beginning of an actual alliance with her.

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The Gamer reported that while players and fans alike may not know the story behind the new strike, they did see a cutscene featuring Zavala, Crow, and Caiatl in the Season of the Chosen trailer from "Destiny 2." In the cutscene, Caiatl threatens that she will sharpen her gilded knife and see them both on the battlefield. This cutscene has not been released in the game yet, but players may have the chance to see that moment in the storyline of "Destiny 2" as it launches the Proving Grounds Strike.

"Destiny 2" Gets a Power Ranger-Themed Guardian Games Skins

In other news, per The Gamer, the Guardian Games will be returning to "Destiny 2" Season of the Chosen and feature a Power Ranger-themed armor. Founded by DestinyNews+ on Twitter, Guardian Games 2021 will reportedly feature two-brand new Ghost shells that look like a Tennis ball and a water bottle-shaped one. The leaker also revealed the new armor ornaments that are heavily-influenced after the Power Rangers.

Besides that, it looks like "Destiny 2" players will be able to unlock the Heir Apparent exotic catalyst in the game in this year's Guardian Games. There is still no news on how will player unlock this catalyst, but there is information that the unlockables will be tied to a questline in-game.

More updates about the Proving Grounds Strike and the Guardian Games event are expected to come in the next few weeks.

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