Destiny 2 Reveals Details Of Beta Tests; New Teaser Trailer Released

Destiny 2 game developer Bungie reveals new details of the game's upcoming beta tests. A new teaser trailer was released recently by the game developer describing some of the details of these beta trials. Gamers have only two weeks to wait before these beta tests start.

Gamers Will Be Given Access To Parts Of The Game

Bungie has also confirmed the contents that will be available during the Destiny 2 beta tests. In the teaser trailer, Bungie said that gamers will be given access to different parts of the game during the beta trials. Gamers will be allowed to play Inverted Spire Strike mission where they can join the Crucible competitive multiplayer. They can also play Homecoming, the game's opening story mission which was already seen by fans at the recent E3 2017.

Gamers Can Play Three Character Subclasses

The Crucible competitive multiplayer in the upcoming beta tests of Destiny 2 will also feature two game modes, namely, Countdown and Control. Countdown is an attack-and-defend asymmetric mode, and Control is a classic domination-style mode. Bungie said that in these game modes, gamers will be able to try three character subclasses in the game. One of these subclasses is Dawnblade Warlock, and the other two are Arcstrider Hunter and Sentinel Titan.

Bungie also clarified in its Destiny 2 official website that Countdown and Control will be playable on new maps designed just for these two gameplay modes. The game developer also added that it is returning Control "with some impactful changes." During the beta tests, gamers will also be given access to The Farm, the game's new social space, but only for one hour on July 23.

Some Online Services Will Not Be Available

Bungie also clarified that some online services for Destiny 2 will not be available during the beta tests. The Clan features of the game will not be supported, character progression will not be carried over, and characters will be erased prior to the game's release. But gamers who will join the event will be given special emblems. The beta tests will kick off on July 18 and will end on July 23.

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