2022 Toyota 86 Release Date Delayed: Is It Too Similar With Subaru BRZ?

2022 Toyota 86 Release Date Delayed: Is It Too Similar With Subaru BRZ?
While Subaru has released its BRZ, Toyota has been quiet with its development of the 2022 Toyota 86 model. Photo : Bryan Thomas/Getty Images

While Subaru has released its BRZ, Toyota has been quiet with its development of the 2022 Toyota 86 model.

Now, the company's CEO Akio Toyoda suggested that the car could be pushed back until next year to ensure that the two cars can offer unique driving experiences and that people can differentiate them both.

While it is an unprecedented move for Toyota, it actually makes sense that the company will delay the release of the 2022 Toyota 86 model since both companies have worked in the past.

2022 Toyota 86 Release Date Pushed Back

According to Autoevolution, Toyoda said that he wants the 2022 Toyota 86 model to be differentiated from the Subaru BRZ in terms of performance. That does not mean it would be faster, but it could have other driving characteristics from the car.

The delayed-release has not been confirmed yet. Still, the publication believes that due to Toyota CEO's difficult tasks, the development team will most likely move the launch of the 2022 Toyota 86. It is believed that the automobile will be released in March of next year, instead.

Motor1 reported that the list of areas to improve the 2022 Toyota 86 from the Subaru BRZ is extremely limited. In tweaking the driving experience on a budget, the engineers could look at the changing gear ratio and engine tuning to make it feel like it is going faster. Other than that, anything more could further delay the car's launch. Also, the engineers will work on something with the 2022 Toyota 86 model.

2022 Toyota 86 Features

In 2022, Toyota will be marking its 10-year anniversary of producing the Toyota 86. As a special treat, the Japanese automakers will release their second-generation of the car. The company promised that it will be a new experience for drivers who are fans of the automobile. However, fans expect that the car will feature the same real-wheel-drive drivetrain as the first-generation.

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With that said, there are clear indications that the features of the 2022 Toyota will be similar to its previous iteration. This can be seen in both interior and exterior specifications. When the ride debuted in 2012, it was packed with a horizontal naturally aspirated engine under the hood. While the acceleration was decent, it was clear that the engine could do with a little bit of work to enhance performance.

Toyota fans hope that the 2022 Toyota 86 could pack more power than its predecessor, as it is expected that the model will have a turbocharged engine, like the Subaru BRZ. Besides that, many have hoped that the second-gen car will have a six-speed transmission, and its powertrain can have an output capacity of 260 horsepower.

Toyota is yet to unveil the 2022 Toyota 86 price point soon. There are speculations that the base trim of the 2022 model will have a $30,000 price tag, and the GT trim will start at $32,000. It is also expected that the GT trim model will offer more power, style, and comfort hence the $2,000 added price for the base trim model, as Hotcars noted.

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