Tesla Cybertruck Redesign Gets Update, Elon Musk Says It Will Have No Door Handles!

Tesla Cybertruck Redesign Gets Update, Elon Musk Says It Will Have No Door Handles!
Following Tesla's statement earlier this March that the Cybertruck will have an update soon, Elon Musk suggested that the said truck would have no handles. Photo : Electric Future/YouTube Screenshot

Following Tesla's statement earlier this March that the Cybertruck will have an update soon, the company's CEO Elon Musk stated that the said truck would have no handles.

It was intended to be produced in late 2019 but had a road bump and entered a continued production in early 2021.

Tesla Cybertruck Resdesign: Going Handle-Less?

As reported by Electrek, Elon Musk teased on Twitter that the Cybertruck will have no handles to open the doors. It may seem that the company is headed in a new direction for its door handles and could be using remote or a push button.

In the previous Tesla Cybertruck design, it was equipped with the same handles from the Tesla Model S, which hidden from the door and will appear when the driver approaches the car with the key or manually pushes it to reveal itself. However, there are no further details about the new design other than what Musk teased from his Twitter account.

Maybe the company plans to introduce self-opening doors, as it was their original intention to feature in their car line-up since 2015.

In a previous report by Gearbrain, Musk stated that the Tesla Cybertruck would be released in Q2 this 2021 as it is currently current production in Giga, Texas. Musk added that the team's primary focus to date is the production of the futuristic truck.

It is also important to note that there are no clear statements if the Cybertruck will be release globally or in the U.S. alone. After its reveal in 2019, it was claimed that it would not pass pedestrian safety in Europe.

Gearbrain noted that Tesla has a habit of altering their car's design between the first reveal and their ongoing production assembly. With that said, fans are expected to be eager enough to see the final decision and the new Cybertruck released to the mass market.

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Tesla also has a habit of not sharing any information regarding their products, and fans often hear news about the company's upcoming units through rumors online. If the company is ready to unveil the Cybertruck this year, it will most likely have specific changes to it than its previous design.

Confirmed Tesla Cybertruck Redesigns

The first reveal of the Cybertruck came in November 2019. The truck was a prototype back then, and Elon Musk has invested a lot of cash to refurbish the car. A year later, fans have wondered when the truck will be released and what the production Cybertruck will look like.

As Hot Cars reported, here are some confirmed redesigns for the Tesla Cybertruck:

First off is the Cybertruck will be smaller in size compared to the 2019 prototype. Musk confirmed this by posting on Twitter that the upcoming truck will have a "reduced size," adjusting the original measurement by three percent. The Tesla CEO also revealed to Jay Leno that the Cybertruck was too big to fit in a standard-sized parking place, so the company adjusted it to make a daily driver out of the truck for commuters everywhere.

Besides that, the Tesla Cybertruck will have side mirrors, windshield wipers, bumpers, brake lights, turn indicators, and more that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration would approve to green-light the truck for commercial use for private transport and ensure driver safety.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk indeed claimed that the final production of the Cybertruck is in wraps but did not reveal precisely what was the final specification for the truck. Musk stated that "We've got the designs fixed." However, the release date is still hanging in the air.

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