Tesla CEO Elon Musk Is Planning To Have The Cybertruck Drive Across The Country Before 2020 Ends

Tesla Cybertruck
Photo : Tesla

Elon Musk has stated in a tweet that Tesla is aiming to get a cross-country drive with the Cybertruck going later this 2020.

Tesla Cybertruck
(Photo : Tesla)

The purpose of the cross-country trip is to let curious and excited people see the electric pickup truck for themselves.

The Tesla Cybertruck In Public

Ever since the Tesla Cybertruck was unveiled last year, it has only had one public outing. At least an official one.

In late June, the Cybertruck was put up for display in Los Angeles' Petersen Museum. If you're interested in how it looks on display in the museum, you can watch this video below:

The Cybertruck only being in this Los Angeles museum is that only people who can travel to the museum can look at the Cybertruck prototype.

However, the CEO of Tesla Elon Musk claims that Tesla has a plan to drive the Cybertruck prototype across the country before the end of the year.

The last time Elon Musk talked about a Tesla vehicle doing a cross-country drive, its purpose was to show off the latest self-driving software of Tesla. Then several delays happened, which promptly led to Tesla giving up on the idea.

But this time, it looks like Elon Musk has a different purpose in mind when it comes to this cross-country trip. The purpose of the trip now is to show off the Tesla Cybertruck to interested customers and potential buyers.

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Additional Information On The Cybertruck

The design of the Cybertruck has divided Tesla fans and truck lovers, but they have begun warming up to the design. Maybe if people that don't like the design see it in person, they will get a different impression than seeing it in videos and pictures. This reasoning must be why Tesla is taking the Cybertruck on a cross-country trip.

The Tesla Cybertruck display in the Petersen Museum was a huge success since it sold out for the entire first week, which proves that Tesla might be able to gain numerous reservations put in when they drive the Cybertruck on a cross-country trip.

But it isn't like Tesla is looking for more people to make reservations for the electric pickup truck. Elon Musk stated that Tesla had 250,000 people put down a reservation for the Cybertruck before a whole week passed after the vehicle was unveiled.

Tesla has stopped updating the tally of reservations for the Cybertruck. Still, there have been estimates that put the number of reservations at over 500,000 a couple of months after the Cybertruck was unveiled.

In June, there was another estimate that totaled up the Cybertruck pre-orders to more than 650,000.

Whenever a new Tesla vehicle was unveiled, the reservations would fall off a month or so. But with the Cybertruck, it's different. There is a constant strong demand for the Cybertruck as the reservations are still going on even months after it was unveiled.

If Tesla does push through with the Cybertruck cross-country trip, then demand for the Cybertruck will receive a vital boost. The tweet from Elon Musk mentioned above can be seen here:


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