'Valorant' Skin Download: Megapunk Bundle Description, Price and More!

 'Valorant' Skin Download: Megapunk Bundle Description, Price and More!
"Valorant" is set to release new cosmetics soon, and it looks promising! Photo : Valorant Leaks/Twitter

"Valorant" is set to release new cosmetics soon, and it looks promising!

The "Valorant" Megapunk bundle will feature skins for the game's loadout, including the fan-favorite Bucky.

"Valorant" Megapunk Skin Features

According to talkesports, the Megapunk skin will feature four levels of upgrades and multiple styles that range from Electro Blade, Ghost, Judge, Spectre, to Marshal. Each upgrade to the upcoming skin will increase the gun's level, ultimately adding custom effects to the weapon. The publication also reported that increasing the skin level will have a corresponding effect on the gun's custom styles.

At level one, the upcoming "Valorant" Megapunk skin will be painted to the gun, adding a new look to the weapon. On level two, players can customize the flash and the firing audio as they please. There will be customizable animations and exposed glass components on level three, in which electricity visual effects are visible. And finally, at level four, players can equip Finisher and Kill Banner styles to the mix.

Win added that each gun will have seven tiers of customization players can choose from. The electrical knife will have five that can activate a unique custom-equipped animation for the blade called electric swipes. Players can also change the color of the electrical swipe to orange, purple and green.

"Valorant" Megapunk Release Date and Price

According to Win, the Megapunk skin will come to "Valorant" on April 1, with each skin costing 1,175 "Valorant" points and coming with a skin bundle price of 6,734 points of in-game currency. The publication also said that the Megapunk skin will heavily resemble the Infantry bundle skin released a few weeks back. The delicate, antique design featured in the FPS game finishes the Tech-forward vibe of Megapunk weapons.

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Riot Game's Inspiration For the Megapunk Skin in "Valorant"

Riot Games stated that the Megapunk production had taken them months to design, as it eventually became like Glitchpop, a different skin released after the "Valorant" Patch 2.02. Game developer's Art Lead Sean Marino stated that the Megapunk skin started as a steampunk exploration that features a lot of Brass, Copper and gears engraved into the design.

Marino continued that Riot Games did not want another generic steampunk-inspired skin featured in many games in today's industry. Then, the company came with an idea to draw a concept of an out-of-this-world type of steampunk design and made a backstory out of it that instead of electricity being discovered as the turning point of the century, it was magic.

Riot Game's Art Lead added that the discovery of magic pushed society in the "Valorant" lore to fuse technology and Magic in their era to create the Megapunk skin, as reported by dexerto. "Varolant" blows away the competition when it comes to creativity and designing skins, as the game developers spare no excuse when designing is on the line.

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