Astra 'Valorant' Agent Guide: How to Use Cosmic Divide and Other Skills

"Valorant" 2021 is getting even more popular with gamers and streamers alike, as the unique FPS mixes magic powers with high-caliber guns and other weapons, making for an interesting gameplay. With that said, another character has just made herself known.

The latest "Valorant" patch 2.04 just launched the Episode 2 Formation Act II, and it introduced the newest agent on the roster in Astra. According to her background, the new controller-type agent actually came from Ghana.

Like every other agent in the wide selection of "Valorant" characters, Astra will also have a chapter 2 contract coming with 5 episodes.

Astra Agent Contract Guide:

Before you can unlock and use Astra, here's the experience you need per tier.

1st Tier - 20K XP for Galaxy Brain Spray

2nd Tier - 30K XP "VALORANT" Astra Player Card

3rd Tier - 40K XP Stellar Player Title

4th Tier - 50K XP Astra Plane Spray

5th Tier - 60K XP Astra Agent Unlock

Knowing more about this particular agent is easy, but what's even more exciting is the moves and talents that she brings to the game. According to PlayValorant, this new Ghanian Agent will be "harnessing the energies of the cosmos" in order to shape the entire battleground and map to her liking.

Since she is a controller-type character with the talent for a so-called "deep strategic foreshight," she could post a difficult challenge to other agents, particularly duelists who are tasked to head the attack of the opposing team. While mastering her skills could be difficult, as well as incorporating it into the team's strategy, the agent could pay huge dividends when used right.

With that said, let's take a look at Astra's moves and ultimate skills and learn how to use them. 

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'Valorant' Astra Moveset

Nova Pulse - Q

In order to activate, the player should first place or plant stars in varying areas in the map. After which, when an opponent is near the star, the player can activate it to detonate a Nova Pulse. This pulse would charge briefly then strike the enemies within its area.

Nebula - E

Same as the Nova Pulse, players should first place the stars in the map. The skill basically makes a star transform into a Nebula or smoke. Using the (F) on a Star would dissipate it and return the star to be carried and placed in a new location shortly after a delay. Dissipating it briefly forms some sort of fake Nebula at the said location before actually returning.

Gravity Well - C

After placing stars again in the map, this skill forms some sort of gravity circle from the stars. Players within this area are then pulled directly toward the center of the Gravity Well before it explodes and makes the trapped players fragile inside.

Astral Form/Cosmic Divide - X

Through Astral Form/Cosmic Divide, Astra can place stars with the Primary Fire. Stars can then be reactivated some time later and transform them into a Nebula, Nova Pulse or Gravity Well.

When the Cosmic Divide is charged, players can use the Astral Form Secondary Fire to start aiming with it and the Primary Fire in order to select two different locations. Another infinite Cosmic Divide would connect the two selected points. The Cosmic Divide works by blocking bullets as well as dampening audio.


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