Xbox Series X Error: What Does Error Code 0x80072ee7 Mean and How to Fix It?

Xbox Series X Error: What Does Error Code 0x80072ee7 Mean and How to Fix It? Photo : Anthony/Pexels

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S users are reported to have encountered a problem with the said consoles. Apparently, the platform has a system error code 0x80072ee7 that tells its user to restart the Xbox or Troubleshoot.

With that said, we take a look at the problem and the solutions to solve it.

How to Fix Xbox Series X Error Code 0x80072ee7

According to GameRevolution, the Xbox error bug is a persistent one, and it often appears when Xbox is experiencing interruptions. The 0x80072ee7 error code occurs when the Xbox Series X/S cannot load certain content properly and cannot connect to the Xbox services.

In that case, users can visit the official Xbox Status website as the code 0x80072ee7 will appear anytime when services are experiencing limited connectivity or outages. If this happens, users will just have to wait for the connection to be solved.

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However, it is also possible that the Xbox error bug has appeared due to the user's Xbox console cannot connect to the Xbox service due to poor internet connection at home. To check on this, users may want to follow these steps to ensure that their respective home internet is up and running.

  • Try to load a website or play a YouTube video to check if the internet connection works fine.
  • Restart the router, modem, or gateway to ensure the device is not off or needs some cooling time.
  • Restart Xbox Series X/S console.
  • Perform a network test on the gaming console.
  • Open the guide by pressing the Xbox button.
  • Select Profile & System, then choose Settings.
  • Go to General, then Network Settings.
  • Select Test Network Speed and Statistics.

After that, users may identify the problems of their home internet speed and connection. However, users will still need to visit the official Xbox console website to get the steps in Troubleshooting further. It is also important to note that the Xbox Series X error bug appears when Xbox services are down. If that is the cast, then gamers will just have to wait for Microsoft to fix the issue.

'Outriders' Experiences Log-in Issues on its Debut

On other related news, Eurogamer reported that "Outriders" experience  log-in issues during its first day on Xbox services. Some players have said that they cannot get in the game, while others have managed to get in the servers with the sheer determination of repetition.

On the "Outriders" official website, there is a notice of an outage affecting the game for everyone and an accompanying note saying that the game developers are investigating this issue and will post an update when it is done and there is a fix on the issue.

According to the publication, the game's real issue is the performance problem in the multiplayer and the desynchronization between the PC and console code that is causing players to be kicked out of the server. The game is a cross-player, and the codes from the PC and Xbox got into a pickle again. In the meantime, gamers will have to wait for the official statement from the game developers and Xbox as they are looking to solve this problem.

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