Home Phone Systems Are Making a Modern Comeback

Home Phone Systems Are Making a Modern Comeback
Photo : Home Phone Systems Are Making a Modern Comeback

Everything old becomes new again. That's the case with fashion trends and movie remakes. Technology, however, seems to always be evolving, leaving ancient versions in the dust. Just look at the clunky TVs and computers of yesteryear. Most landfills won't even take them. 

What about landlines? Home phone systems have phased out since the introduction, and subsequent takeover, of mobile phones. Cellphones are portable, tiny, and access the internet from the palm of your hand. They're also sort of a status symbol. What more do you need?

The Home Phone Isn't Dead

Actually, modern home phone service providers think otherwise. Cellphones may have taken the world by storm, particularly of the Apple iPhone variety. However, the home phone system is getting a facelift. The landline devices are looking sleeker than ever, and they come with affordable packages crafted for the modern consumer. Before you laugh and click away, consider that a home phone:

  • Works during power outages

  • Doesn't require charger jiggling

  • Has no distracting social media

  • Provides reliable access to 911 and emergency services

  • Won't drop your important calls

  • Has impeccable sound quality 

  • Has a screen that won't shatter easily

These are just some of the benefits. Landline service providers are listening to the needs of consumers and adjusting accordingly. Soon, the home phone may be a staple, once again. 

A Landline Can Be Surprisingly Useful and Cool

Most homes in the U.S. have gone completely wireless. However, that switch didn't happen overnight. While it will take some convincing, home phones may become a normal fixture in homes everywhere once again. Once the word gets out, consumers will realize that modern landlines can actually:

  • Boost a home office's credibility 

  • Be bundled with other services to save money 

  • Connect via your internet 

  • Tell emergency responders your address

  • Look quite stylish

The home phone certainly looks different these days. There are sleek options instead of the yellowing plastic clunker you are used to seeing in older homes. You can opt for an all-white version with a touchscreen. However, if you're into vintage decor, a retro phone could add a fun twist to any room. Rotary phones are quirky and inviting. Instead of buying one just to display, hook it up and use it in case of emergency or just for a nice change when chatting with friends. 

Other Vintage Methods of Communication Can Live Again

As generations grow older, nostalgic items have a certain draw to them. It's the same feeling as watching a cartoon from your childhood or opening up a box of old toys. Especially as society becomes increasingly more complex, people are yearning for simpler times. This is why the Y2K aesthetic is so popular and shows like "I love the 80s" exist. 

If it's what the people want, why don't companies give it to them? There are many focal points of ages past that have died out or are on their way out. When they're gone, they will be missed. Think about shopping malls, cable television, newspapers, magazines, CDs, records, and libraries. What about snail mail and VHS tapes?

There's a certain air of nostalgia that comes with these icons of the past, but it only happens once they have fizzled out. Why is that?

Make Products That Satisfy a Need

What's the key to making old things new again? Just like with the home phone's modern upgrade, vintage items can certainly make a comeback. They just need to satisfy a modern need. For instance, shopping malls can be reinstated to serve as physical outposts for online retailers. CD players can get a makeover to include more features. Record players got their "it factor" long after their death. What's stopping everything else from coming back? It's just a cycle. Go ahead and get a home phone again, because they're back in.

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