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Tricks to Spy on iPhone without Installing Software

Nowadays, increasing trust issues are forcing people to turn into a spy. Everyone, including spouse, parents, and employers need a suitable spy app like Cocospy to spy on iPhone without installing the software.

by Eric Hamilton

3 Free Ways to Track a Cell Phone by Number

3 Free Ways to Track a Cell Phone by Number

Check out our three verified methods to track a cell phone using their number. Signup to Spyic now for free and access the phone’s location in real-time. Use it in any Android or iOS device without rooting or jailbreaking. See also Cocospy and Spydialer.

by Ernest Hamilton

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NUS 'Smart' Textiles Boost Connectivity Between Wearable Sensors by 1,000 Times

Over the past decade, a major trend in electronics has been the development of sensors, displays and smart devices that are seamlessly integrated into the human body.

by Staff

Is Your Website a Legal Liability or is it ADA Compliant?

Is Your Website a Legal Liability or is it ADA Compliant?

Take a minute to think about how many times a day you use the internet. Do you read email while drinking your morning coffee? Use Google Maps to check traffic on your commute? Maybe you're in the majority of people who use the internet to get the news, watch television, shop and pay bills.

by Ernest Hamilton

Volodymyr Buzkiv: “in 2019 a web-studio cannot bring a reasonable profit unless it is open to an Asian market”.

Volodymyr Buzkiv: 'In 2019 a web-studio cannot bring a reasonable profit unless it is open to an Asian market'

CEO of the largest Ukrainian web studio talking about business and entering the Asian market.

by Eric Hamilton

Ferroelectric Domains (IMAGE)

First Observation of Native Ferroelectric Metal

In a paper released today in Science Advances, UNSW researchers describe the first observation of a native ferroelectric metal.

by Staff Reporter

Polarized Camera (IMAGE)

Camera Brings Unseen World to Light

When the first full-length movie made with the advanced, three-color process of Technicolor premiered in 1935, The New York Times declared "it produced in the spectator all the excitement of standing upon a peak ... and glimpsing a strange, beautiful and unexpected new world."

by Staff Reporter

Futur compressors (IMAGE)

AI-Designed Heat Pumps Consume Less Energy

Researchers at EPFL have developed a method that uses artificial intelligence to design next-generation heat-pump compressors. Their method can cut the pumps' power requirement by around 25%.

by Staff Reporter

Smart Materials Wrist Band (IMAGE)

Smart Materials Provide Real-Time Insight Into Wearers' Emotions

Smart wearable technology that changes color heats up, squeezes or vibrates as your emotions are heightened has the potential to help people with affective disorders better control their feelings.

by Staff Reporter

Prototype Mini' MRI Scanner (IMAGE)

Mini 'magic' MRI Scanner Could Diagnose Knee Injuries More Accurately

Researchers at Imperial College London have developed a prototype mini MRI scanner that fits around a patient's leg. The team says the device - which uses a so-called 'magic angle' effect - could potentially help diagnose knee injuries more quickly, and more accurately.

by Staff Reporter

2019 home furnishings retail industry trend guide

Three Top 100 Retailers Launch STORIS in 40 Days

Mt. Arlington, NJ- As Furniture Today's Top 100 is announced for 2019, the team at STORIS celebrates a major milestone. STORIS has successfully held software conversion launch events for two brand new Top 100 home furnishings retailers as well as a major system merge for The Dufresne Spencer Group.

by Eric Hamilton

Different Hand Positions of the Prosthetic Hand (IMAGE)

3D Printed Prosthetic Hand Can Guess How You Play Rock, Paper, Scissors

Losing a limb, either through illness or accident, can present emotional and physical challenges for an amputee, damaging their quality of life. Prosthetic limbs can be very useful but are often expensive and difficult to use. The Biological Systems Engineering Lab at Hiroshima University has developed a new 3D printed prosthetic hand combined with a computer interface, which is their cheapest, lightest model that is more reactive to motion intent than before. Previous generations of their prosthetic hands have been made of metal, which is heavy and expensive to make.

by Staff Reporter

Robotic Arm (IMAGE)

Artificial Intelligence Controls Robotic Arm to Pack Boxes and Cut Costs

Rutgers computer scientists used artificial intelligence to control a robotic arm that provides a more efficient way to pack boxes, saving businesses time and money.

by Staff Reporter

Magnetic Moment (IMAGE)

Experimental Physicists Redefine Ultrafast, Coherent Magnetism

Electronic properties of materials can be directly influenced via light absorption in under a femtosecond (10-15 seconds), which is regarded as the limit of the maximum achievable speed of electronic circuits.

by Staff Reporter

Model Comparison (IMAGE)

The First AI universe Sim is Fast and Accurate, its Creators Don't Know How it Works

For the first time, astrophysicists have used artificial intelligence techniques to generate complex 3D simulations of the universe. The results are so fast, accurate and robust that even the creators aren't sure how it all works.

by Staff Reporter

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