'Star Wars: Republic Commando' Gets Disappointing Reviews: New Switch, PS4 Game Not Enjoyable

'Star Wars: Republic Commando' Gets Disappointing Reviews: New Switch, PS4 Game Not Enjoyable
"Star Wars: Republic Commando" leaves much to be desired, as critics gave their in-depth reviews. Photo : Nintendo/Website Screenshot

"Star Wars: Republic Commando" comes back after 15 years, this time landing on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The game was one of the biggest influencers to "The Clone Wars" and remains to be a favorite among enthusiasts. However, the 2021 game adaptation leaves much to be desired, as critics gave their in-depth reviews.

The "Star Wars: Republic Commando" is a first-person shooter game featuring you as a commander of an elite clone trooper unit in the heart of enemy lines while conducting exciting in-game objectives. The retro-clone trooper game is available as a remastered version on Nintendo Switch and PS4 for $15. The new game unfortunately does not support the 2005 multiplayer mode, but it includes the modernized console controllers and buttons.

"Star Wars: Republic Commando" Gameplay

The main theme for this game is your ability to command the special ops unit Delta. Each clone commando has a set of special skills associated with their names as Boss, Fixer, Scorch, and Sev, per Cnet. You can manually command your squadmates in-game to secure a position, hack a computer, provide gunfire support and other unique skills. Although the "Star Wars: Republic Commando" story is not a part of the mainline canon, it still presents a good immersive experience to the ongoing war in the "Star Wars" universe.

While it has many saving graces, the game, unfortunately, does not satisfy most of the gamer community. In part maybe because fans view this game in a more cynical light by comparing it to the original version. However, a greater part also includes a few in-game issues and interface problems.

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"Star Wars: Republic Commando" Review: In-Game Control Faults

Coming Soon gave a review of the game experience when playing "Star Wars: Republic Commando." They find the game quite dull at the higher levels. This is because the game's progression boils down to creating a wave on top of waves of staple enemies. Enemies you meet at the early levels will still be the same in the "boss round," They just come in ridiculous waves that could spike difficulty levels of running your ammo out.

Another error was found in the broken command system for controlling your team. While the list of commands remains visible, the D-Pad directions to select them do not work.

One detail that the game also got careless with is the voice pack of the commando group. These should have been clones with the same "voice," but Aspyr decided to assign each character a different actor, creating a disturbing effect to players who follow the canon lore.

Metro also called out the interface problems of this remastered game. The performance was also bad with the aim and fire systems as incredibly inaccurate. This is one of the biggest transgressions gaming programs could commit in a First-Person Shooter platform.

Players are not satisfied with the new "Star Wars: Republic Commando." Not only has the game accumulated errors in its system, but players can't help but compare it to the smoother performance of the 2005 version. It is advised that possible customers look out for more news and reviews of the game before confirming purchase.

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