'Resident Evil Village' Leaked Demo Reveals Remote Play: Features, Release Date and Rumors

'Resident Evil Village' Leaked Demo Reveals Remote Play: Features, Release Date and Rumors
With just a month until "Resident Evil Village" comes, fans are treated with leaks providing the second gameplay demo for the classic horror game. Photo : GameSpot/YouTube Screenshot

With just a month until "Resident Evil Village" comes to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation5, Xbox Series X/S, Google Stadia and PC, fans are treated with leaks providing the second gameplay demo for the classic horror title.

"Resident Evil Village" Leaked Gameplay Demo

MP1st reported that following its visual demo release,Capcom confirmed that there would be a game demo for "Resident Evil Village" before its launch on May 7. However, fans may now have some idea of what it is.

The publication revealed that the PlayStation Store backend database provided four SKUs for the "Resident Evil Village" gameplay demo. The files include a new image of the gameplay demo, a bootup image, remote play control layout, and soundtracks that will be added to the game itself.

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The four backend files uploaded to PSN were for the USA, Europe and Asia, named "Resident Evil Gameplay Demo." At the same time, Japan's "Resident Evil Village" gameplay demo is titled "Biohazard."

The second gameplay demo for "Resident Evil Village" is reported to have 10GB of downloadable storage space. However, there is still no word when the gameplay demo will be played or if the save data will be transferable to the full version.

According to Comicbook, this new gameplay demo marks the second demo to be released for the upcoming horror game. The Maiden demo is currently available as an exclusive to the PlayStation 5 console and focuses on the game's graphics and feel.

However, there is no telling as to which the second demo of "Resident Evil Village" will be or what it will focus on. Maybe it will have a strong focus on the game's gameplay entirely or introduce a new character in the game. Capcom is really building the hype on the latest game title for the franchise.

"Resident Evil Village" Poster Reveals Wesker's Children?

ScreenRant reported that a recent Japanese poster was spotted that reveals a mysterious character that has not been seen in previous game trailers for the upcoming horror title. Many fans believed that it could be Albert and Alex Wesker, previous antagonists of the "RE" game series.

The Japanese poster for "Resident Evil Village" was posted by a Twitter user named Masa and contained a masked character with piercing eyes. The lighting and the shadows of the poster make it impossible to identify the persona. Other than the shady character, the only known characters present in the poster are Ethan Winters, Rosemary Winters and Chris Redfield.

The publication pointed out that the Wesker theory is improbable as both characters are dead, with Albert dying in 2009 "Resident Evil 5" during a BSAA operation, while Alex committed suicide in 2014 "Resident Evil: Revelations 2."

ScreenRant expressed its belief that the mysterious character could be Dimitrescu or Mother Miranda, in which she could be a cult leader or the secret villain in the upcoming "Resident Evil Village." However, these are all just rumors for now, but fans will find out more from the mysterious character when the game hits the gaming consoles and the PC in May.

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