Digital Vaccine Passport: Benefits, Issues, and How to Set Up Your Excelsior Pass Online

Digital Vaccine Passport: Benefits, Issues, and How to Set Up Your Excelsior Pass Online
The digital vaccine passport, called Excelsior Pass in New York, gives citizens get a unique code that proves they are vaccinated against the coronavirus. Photo : Rob Hampson/Unsplash

New York is taking up digital vaccine passports as part of its health protocol and as a gate pass to most public institutions. Called Excelsior Pass, the citizens get a unique code that proves they are vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Excelsior Pass is a newly created digital vaccine passport that The Washington Post reported as an entirely voluntary system for New Yorkers across the age range. The program works by taking into the database the list of people who have recently taken their vaccine or proven negative against COVID-19 testing. The program creates a unique digital certificate that businesses or public enterprises later scan.

How to Set Up Excelsior Pass

To create your own Excelsior Pass, start off by heading to their website. Click "Get Started" and provide some necessary personal information such as your name, date of birth, and Zipcode address. It would also require you to answer questions like where and when you got your vaccine or test. Completing all the necessary information creates a QR code that serves as your Digital Vaccine Passport.

Save your new Excelsior Pass by printing it or keeping a picture in your camera roll. You could also open a digital copy of it by downloading their app to your smartphone. To do so, head back to their main website or download the NYS wallet app for Android or iPhone. Scan the QR code you generated on their website, and it will automatically activate your mobile account.

Another article in The Washington Post showed how Geoffrey Fowler and his friends took their time testing the application's performance and its state database.

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Digital Vaccine Passport Advantages

A digital pass works best for the new lifestyle because it instantly gives people and business enterprises a means of monitoring and verifying people's activities. The Excelsior Pass is a system that actively replaces the physical vaccination cards from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and also serves as a copy of your recent test result.

The system also has a level of security and anonymity. Instead of flashing all your medical records, Excelsior Pass simply provides a quick "green checkmark" in their system to signify that you are physically fit and vaccinated against the virus.

Digital Vaccine Passport Disadvantages

The app has a few minor glitches in loading its program. At times, the results are too slow and even generates a "We couldn't find your Pass" message, per The Washington Post's review. This happens when your COVID-19 test provider forgets to upload your results to the app's database.

Unfortunately, the new app also seems to be easily faked. Creating your account on the website undergoes a lot of security questions. However, once the QR code has been generated, it could easily be transferred to different devices and printed paper. It is easy to impersonate somebody's records and vaccination details just by getting a hold of that QR code copy. Not only that, but the Excelsior Pass also has poor security protections in guarding the information database.

Although the app is not a fraud, Excelsior Pass still has a lot of room for improvement. The new system is currently available for New Yorkers, so you can start creating your own Excelsior Pass right now!

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