Intel Meteor Lake Specs Leaked—Release Date and Pricing Also Revealed!

Intel Meteor Lake Specs Leaked, Release Date and Pricing Also Revealed!
With fierce competition from AMD, Intel is making its move for its CPU with the recent announcement of the upcoming Intel Meteor Lake processor. Photo : david latorre romero/Unsplash

With fierce competition from AMD, Intel is making its move for its CPU with the recent announcement of the upcoming Intel Meteor Lake processor that will start shipping in 2023.

At the company's Unleashed: Engineering the Future event, new CEO Pat Gelsinger announced that they will have a Meteor Lake processor. He also indicated that they have solved the 7nm problems that were a hindrance in their innovation.

Intel Meteor Lake Specs

During the said event, Gelsinger unveiled more than what fans expected. The company stated that the Meteor Lake would be the first CPU to have a 7nm architecture from the company. 

This means that having a smaller transistor will allow the processor manufacturer to have a snug fit onto the chip, simultaneously bringing more power and efficiency to a PC. Featuring a small chip also means that Intel can fit more cores per chip for faster operations.

Gelsinger also revealed that the upcoming Intel Meteor Lake would be a hybrid, using various cores on a single chip. This design for the forthcoming CPU is similar to what the company will make for the upcoming Adler Lake processors that feature 10nm Gracemont and 10nm Golden Cove cores. Intel will also be using Foveros Packaging Technology previously used with the existing Intel Lakefield processors.

As TechRadar noted, Gelsinger stated that the company has simplified its 7nm process flow, increasing its use of EUV by more than 100 percent. EUV refers to ultraviolet lithography with an extremely short 13.5nm wavelength.

Nothing much has been revealed for the Intel Meteor Lake, as Tech Advisor reported that rumors for its specs are recently thin as of the moment. However, it could be expected with 2023 coming, there will be changes along the way for the CPU. 

Intel Meteor Lake Release Date

At the said event, Gelsinger further shared that Intel would opt for a 2023 release of Meteor Lake. He also expects to tape the 7nm compute tile for Meteor Lake in the second quarter of this year. Meaning, the company will bring together various elements for the CPU that can be finalized until 2023.

Besides that, Intel's Rocket Lake and Alder Lake processors are slated to be released this year with their 14nm and 10nm processors, respectively.

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Intel Meteor Lake Price

With Intel's Rocket Lake and Adler Lake being slated for a 2021 release, the Meteor Lake's price will be hard to predict. However, Tech Advisor reported that fans can have a general idea of what is to come based on Rocket Lake's price points.

Intel Rocket Lake Core i9-11900K - $513 - $539

Intel Rocket Lake Core i7-11700K - $374 - $399

Intel Rocket Lake Corei5-11600K - $237 - $262

Intel Rocket Lake Core i5-11400K - $157 - $182

CPU prices have been gradually increasing every year, meaning the upcoming Intel Meteor Lake could have a higher price point than the Rocket Lake chipset when released in 2023. This would also mean that the company will increase laptop prices if a laptop has the 7nm chipset integrated into it.

Between this year and 2023, there will be more changes coming for the Intel Meteor Lake as the company might tweak a few other things to improve its upcoming CPU quality.

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