'Pokemon Go' Shiny Snivy: How to Evolve Snivy and Get a Serperior

 'Pokemon Go' Shiny Snivy: How to Evolve Snivy and Get a Serperior
"Pokemon Go" has another Community Day, and players will get the chance to encounter Snivy, a grass-type Pokemon out in the wilds. Photo : Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

"Pokemon Go" has another Community Day, and players will get the chance to encounter Snivy, a grass-type Pokemon out in the wilds. Players will have a one of 25 chance of meeting Snivy when playing the mobile game and will have a bigger chance of getting the Shiny Snivy out in the streets.

However, players must not settle in just capturing the Shiny Pokemon. They may want to evolve it into a Shiny Serperior, which can learn a special move when players decide to grow it within the Community Day time frame. With that said, here are some tips and tricks players must know to evolve Shiny Snivy in a Shiny Serperior in "Pokemon Go."

How to Get Shiny Snivy in "Pokemon Go"

Getting the Shiny Snivy in "Pokemon Go" is easy. Players will spot the difference between a normal Snivy and a Shiny Pokemon. Players must look for a Snivy with a darker teal color--darker than it usually has in the game--which has a green color scheme, as Forbes reported.

The publication also noted that the Shiny Snivy has been in "Pokemon Go" for a while now, and players might have one in possession already before the game's Community Day event. When a Shiny Snivy evolves in a Shiny Servine, the dark teal is still present with the Pokemon, all the way into Serperior, with its bright green belly that is noticeable.

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How to Evolve Shiny Snivy Into Shiny Serperior in "Pokemon Go"

According to DualShockers, evolving Shiny Snivy into Shiny Serperior will require many Candies in "Pokemon Go." To evolve Shiny Snivy into a Shiny Servine, players must have 25 candies, while evolving Servine into Serperior will require 100 candies. At level 40, Shiny Serperior will have a max cp of 2277, but players can still upgrade it to 2574 with XL Candies in "Pokemon Go."

Best Moves of Shiny Serperior in "Pokemon Go"

When players have fully evolved their Shiny Snivy into a Shiny Serperior within the "Pokemon Go' Community Day, the Pokemon can learn many special moves. Players can utilize these moves during Ultra League battles in "Pokemon Go." The Shiny Serperior can learn these moves:

  • Iron Tail (Steel-type) - Damage-9, Energy-2 (3 damage per turn)

  • Vine Whip (Grass-type) - Damage-5, Energy-4 (2.5 damage per turn)

  • Aerial Ace (Flying-type) - Damage-55, Energy-45 (great for dealing with other Grass-type Pokemon, as well as Bug-type and Fighting-types

  • Frenzy Plant (Grass-type) - Damage-100, Energy-45

  • Grass Knot (Grass-type) - Damage-90, Energy-50

  • Leaf Tornado (Grass-type) - Damage-45, Energy-45

Gamepur also shared that Shiny Serperior's Vine Whip will be a better choice for a fast attack, as it gives other Pokemon STAB damage and provides the most amount of energy--giving Serperior the chance to use its charged attacks consistently.

Players who know how to utilize Frenzy Plant during battles will have a higher chance of winning Ultra League battles in "Pokemon Go" since it is an upgrade from Grass Knot, which costs less energy to use and has 10 more plus damage from Grass Knot.

Shiny Serperior is a pure Grass-type Pokemon that is weak against Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice and Poison-types, though it has a strong advantage on Electric, Grass, Ground, and Water-type Pokemons. The Pokemon has a maximum CP of 2277, 139 Attack power, 173 defense, and 154 of Stamina. Powering up the Pokemon with XL Candies will grant it a vast boost.

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