Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 Gets Mostly Positive Reviews: Stronger Battery, Special Ryzen Chip Hyped—Gaming Disappoints

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 Gets Mostly Positive Reviews: Stronger Battery, Special Ryzen Chip Hyped—Gaming Disappoints
Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 Gets Mostly Positive Reviews: Stronger Battery, Special Ryzen Chip Hyped—Gaming Disappoints Photo : Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Microsoft has offered plenty of merchandise in the market. After its Surface Tablet, Microsoft made its debut for Surface Laptop in 2017. The unit continues to perform as the best all-purpose Windows laptop. The company offers both a 13-inch variant and a 15-inch.

With that said, we take a deeper look at what gets the latest Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 good reviews.

As the fourth of its generation, Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 has a lot to offer that outperforms its predecessors. Surface laptops traditionally have stylish, easy to use, and rock-solid clamshell build that boasts durability alongside its clean design. Cnet writer Dan Ackerman shared his experience on the Alcantara fabric wrist rest accessory added to the laptop, which was a genuinely unique-looking and feeling for the laptop build. The Alcantara has colors available in black, platinum and ice blue.

Ryzen AMD Technology

One of the most significant changes the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 brings is the AMD technology. The new 13-inch and 15-inch laptops have the option to go for 11-gen Intel Core processors with Intel Iris XE graphics or the AMD processor equivalent in Zen 2 series known as "Ryzen Microsoft Surface Edition" models.

The AMD Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 features remarkable battery life, with the 13-inch running for 19 hours while the 15-ich could last about 17.5 hours. The display still runs on a 3:2 aspect ratio display at 2256x1504-pixel resolution for the 13-inch model and 2496x1664 for the 15-inch version. Webcams have a 720 resolution, and both USB-A and USB-C ports are available. Unfortunately, the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 has not yet incorporated Thunderbolt port and technology.

These models also have a modest price when compared to flagship series like Apple and Dell. A Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 at 15 inches with AMD Ryzen 7 CPU, 16 GB RAM, and 512 SSD costs around $1200. Its 13-inch variant with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD is around $999.

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Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 Performance

SEA PC Mag, meanwhile, took the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 to a series of performance tests. While the laptop shows favorable results, it also becomes evident that it has some performance weaknesses, particularly on encoding files and gaming.

In terms of PCMark Productivity and Storage, Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 scores 5188, overtaking the Del Inspiron 15 7000, Dell XPS 15, and LG Gram 17. When the program Handbrake app was run to encode a 12-minute 4K video to 1080p, Microsoft Surface Laptop 4, unfortunately, scores a 7, with LG Gram overtaking at 20 points.

A Cnebench R15 test on rendering gives the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 a 1550, second only to DXP 15 with its 1587. Running a Photoshop test to apply 10 complex filters to a standard JPEG image gives Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 152, second to Apple MacBook Pro with a score of 153. Lastly, on a Video Rundown Battery test, Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 shows a total battery life of 13:49, 3rd with the LG Gram at first running with 19:29.

In terms of graphic performance, as SEA PC Mag and Cnet noted, it is not perfect for gaming as some games that require higher processors may tend to slow down and be choppy.

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