Latest iPhone 13 Leak Reveals Bigger Camera Lenses: Release Date, Specs and Other Rumors

Latest iPhone 13 Leak Reveals Bigger Camera Lenses: Release Date, Specs and Other Rumors
iPhone 13 leaks have been flooding in, and there is a new one released just recently. Photo : Ming Yeung/Getty Image

iPhone 13 leaks have been flooding in, and there is a new one released just recently. The rumored Apple product is said to have bigger camera lenses, if the leaked schematics are to be believed.

The leaker is the YouTuber EverythingApplePro, who created a 3D-printed mockup and renders of the leaked schematics of the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Mini. These renders are what current accessory makers are said to be using as models to produce the iPhone 13.

The 3D-printed mockup of the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Mini are compared side-by-side with an iPhone 12 Max. This gives exact measurements of the changes one can expect to see. The model revealed that Apple invested a lot of planning into the iPhone 13's camera development.

Latest iPhone 13 Leak

The iPhone 13 keeps the same camera module layout. However, Apple has designed iPhone 13's individual camera lenses as significantly more prominent and protruding farther out the smartphone's body. Traditionally, Apple has followed the pattern: larger lenses ad enhanced sensors equal to better quality photos.

With that said, iPhone 13 is expected to outperform the previous iPhone cameras,

As can be seen, the iPhone 13 camera has a fuller-square design compared to the iPhone 12 Pro Max from the video leak. The square camera mount has expanded by about 7.77 mm in width and 3.38 in length. The whole camera mount also protrudes by .87 mm in height. Overall, the iPhone 13 camera is a lot bigger than iPhone 12. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that the focal length of the iPhone 13 would change to 1/1.7″, up from the iPhone 12's 1/2″.

9to5mac also reported that the iPhone 13 pixel size is expected to increase from 1.7 mm to 2mm this year. Photos taken from the iPhone 13 overcomes its predecessors' problems of noisy and blurred detailed images that are especially evident in low-light environments. However, Kuo also predicts that the 2022 iPhone 13 would have better features with its 2.5-mm pixel size and 48-megapixel source sensor creating a 12-megapixel output image.

Recently as well, there was another leak showcasing iPhone 13 has a bigger screen and smaller notch. The 3D-rendered iPhone 13 model confirms that the notch is significantly smaller in width with the earpiece mounted on the top of the phone. The leak concludes with a prediction that rear LIDAR scanners will remain exclusive high-end Pro models of the iPhone series.

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iPhone Release Date

iPhone 13 is expected to make its debut sometime in the fall. Comparing to Apple's release schedule pattern, the iPhone 13 is expected to be launched in September, per 9to5mac.

iPhone 13 is rumored to be offered in the same sizes as the iPhone 12. The three variants to choose from are a 5.4-inch model, a 6.1-inch model, and a 6.7-inch model. The iPhone 13 is also said to be the last iPhone in the 5.4-inch mini-series.

For what it's worth, the specs of iPhone 13 are not yet revealed. With that said, users and fans should take the rumors with a grain ot salt until Apple makes things official.

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