Apple iOS 14.5 Update Release Date, Features: What Is App Tracking Transparency and Why Is Facebook Worried About It?

Apple iOS 14.5 Update Release Date and Features: What Is App Tracking Transparency and Why Is Facebook Worried About It?
According to reports, the upcoming Apple iOS 14.5 update will feature the App Tracking Transparency that will give iPhone users the control which online advertisements can track them on their device. Photo : Thought Catalog/Unsplash

On Tuesday, Apple hosted the Spring Loaded event that has significant confirmation about its upcoming products and updates. One of which is the iOS 14.5 update that introduces several features like upgraded Face ID recognition, a new Siri voice, and the App Tracking Transparency--which is a new privacy feature for tracking online ads.

Why Is Facebook Worried About Apple's ATT Feature?

According to CNBC, the upcoming iOS 14.5 update that features the App Tracking Transparency will give iPhone users the control which online advertisements can track them on their device. After iPhone users install the 14.5 update and open any app, they will see an access device ID called the Identifier of Advertisers or IDFA pop-up that asks if users want to be tracked by the app.

With that said, small businesses that rely on Facebook for it constant ads will eventually reduce the product's online activity and profitability from potential buyers. Furthermore, Apple did state that any application that does not follow its new policy will not be launched and removed from Apple's recommendation.

Apple Continues Battle Against Targeted Ads

From a user's point of view, these dreadful targeted apps on social media are a bother, and many users have fallen victims to these ads that started when they have bought a cute t-shirt online. Then one day, several other brands selling cute tees began to roll out of the user's app experience.

This is because of the user's search history and online activity that has made an online experience more tempting than before. In time, users have allowed big corporations like Facebook and Instagram to make money out of their data all the time. This happens when apps take user's personal and device data, correlate it with a third-party broker, and then track user's search history to target them with ads and make money.

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However, this is where Apple's App Tracking Transparency comes in and saves the day with its iOS 14.5 update. The new ATT feature will ask users if they want to be tracked with a specific app on their iPhone, allowing consent from users and bringing awareness to them. YouTuber One-Tech Mind has a brief video to explain the ATT feature.

Also, users would not want to block all the apps that track them. The YouTuber recommends that going to the Privacy Nutrition Labels on the App Store for each app will allow users to know the app's privacy policies.

Other Features Rolling Out for the iOS 14.5 Update for Apple Devices

According to 9to5Mac, the iOS 14.5 update will include other features like:

  • Items tabs on the Find My app for tracking AirTags and other third-party accessories, such as TWS earphones, Tile Trackers, smartwatches, and more.

  • Horizontal boot screen for the iPad

  • Music App updates, allowing users to navigate the app with gestures, lyric sharing, and more

  • AirPlay 2 support Fitness+ workouts

  • Updates for Apple Maps

  • A PS5/Xbox Controller support

  • New emojis, along with a vaccine emoji

  • Enhance Face ID feature that allows unlocking iPhone without removing the facemask

  • And Siri no longer has a default female voice and added two new voices. The voice assistance will also recognize other media selection sources based on the user's current usage.

Apple iOS 14.5 Release Date

According to Forbes, Apple could release the iOS 14.5 update on either Monday or Tuesday next week, April 26 or 27, respectively. The company could also release its AirTags into the hand of reviewers before its April 30 release date.

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