Spotify on Facebook Is Happening With Project Boombox: Possible Release Date and How It Works

Spotify on Facebook Is Happening With Project Boombox: Possible Release Date and How It Works
Facebook is upgrading its features by adding some music to the mix with "Project Boombox." Photo : Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Facebook is reported to be upgrading its features by adding some music to the mix. "Project Boombox" is said to be underway, and this is a feature that will let you listen to Spotify music while browsing FB or other apps affiliated with it.

Facebook is a social media platform popular and well loved  up to this date. With over 2.7 billion active users, the platform has a lot to offer. It has created multiple partnerships with other social media platforms, including Instagram and Whatsapp. TechCrunch revealed that the social media giant and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg are deepening their relationship with the music streaming platform of Spotify by bringing in "Project Boombox."

Zuckerberg highlighted this feature as an experience for its creators and musicians on the platform to "basically making audio the first-class type of media,"

Project Boombox

Facebook is rumored to building an in-line audio player in their system. This feature would allow users to listen to songs or playlists from Spotify without externally linking it to their Spotify app or account. This makes it easier for users to pick, pause and play songs without leaving the Facebook interface. The same interface should be running for any other applications directly linked to a user's Facebook account, like scanning through Instagram.

Although Facebook has yet to release an official interface for this new "Project Boombox" feature, users can expect that it is an in-line audio player that plays songs or playlist on Facebook and any other related platforms. It should also make sharing or featuring music easier on the user's account or page.

"Project Boombox" is reported to have finished testing on non-US markets, including Mexico and Thailand. The feature is expected to arrive anytime in the coming days or weeks.

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Spotify on Facebook

Android community noted that Facebook is venturing on audio-focused initiatives. Their social audio creation tools include the short-form Soundbites, the Clubhouse-like Live Audio Room and other such updates.

Spotify is offering a lot with this integration to the Facebook interface. The digital music service has dominated the internet with its highly intuitive program and only continues to spread its popularity.

Spotify coming to Facebook means that users can now bring in their favorite songs and personalized playlists in the FB interface. Spotify also has some podcasts available, opening the potential for users to multitask playing a podcast while checking their social media feed.

All this information needs to be taken with a grain of salt. These rumors, interface, and features will remain a speculations until Facebook makes  its official announcement on the "Project Boombox" release. It is entirely possible that FB continues to upgrade the "Project Boombox" and would introduce a lot more amazing features aside from the ones mentioned. However, the fact remains that FB users and Spotify subscription members have a lot to look forward to in these coming days.

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