'Fortnite' Neymar Skin Revealed: Release Date, Trailer, and How to Guarantee You'll Get the Skin

'Fortnite' Neymar Skin Revealed: Release Date, Trailer, and How to Guarantee You'll Get the Skin
Within days, "Fortnite" will reveal its new Neymar skin! Photo : Paolo Aguilar-Pool/Getty Images

Within days, "Fortnite" will reveal its new Neymar skin! Players are excited about this as they will have another skin to purchase soon. However, getting the skin could require something more.

'Fortnite' Neymar Skin - How to Get the Skin

On Twitter, "Fortnite" recently posted a video trailer for the upcoming skin. The video showcased glimpses of the skin's design and color schemes: green and yellow. The skin's design is reminiscent of Black Panther with claws for hands, explaining the Jaguar/Tiger eyes in the end. The Twitter post also confirmed the skin's release date, which is on April 27.

According to Heavy, the "Fortnite" Neymar Skin will be a Season 6 Battle Pass skin, so players subscribed to it can acquire the new cosmetic. However. Battle Pass subscribers may not get the skin that easily, as it may have some challenges stored for players before obtaining it. But whatever it may be, players will surely know it when the skin comes to "Fortnite."

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As for its price, PC Gamer noted that for players who have not yet subscribed to the "Fortnite" Season 6 Battle Pass, the Neymar Jr. Skin might cost them about 950 V-Bucks, and 2,800 V-Bucks or more in getting the deluxe edition00including emotes, Harvesting Tool and more.

Furthermore, "Fortnite" might have something more in store for its players when the Neymar Jr. Skin drops. At the Battle Pass section, players might notice 11 locked slots for the upcoming skin. Sportskeeda believes that the other rewards will include different Neymar Jr. Skin styles, Harvesting Tool, Back Bling, loading screen, Glider, Emoticon, Spray and an Emote.

The publication also noted that after Epic Games is done releasing the Neymar Skin, they are moving along with another set of "Star Wars" skin releases, as well as a new storyline for the game's Zero Point lore.

In the current storyline, Agent Jones is stuck in the loop, attempting to protect the spire where the Zero Point arrives, until The Foundation--a member of the seven-- returns to him.

'Fortnite' Neymar Jr. Skin Revealed Already?

There were rumors circulating on Twitter that "Fortnite" has already revealed the Neymar Jr. Skin. But it turns out that the image circulating online was just a concept art by other players.

Twitter user SaltyBoii03 stated that the Neymar skin spreading online is not the official skin, instead it is only a concept art made by daanpsd (a Twitter user who posted concept arts for other game titles).

It remains to be seen what else it coming to "Fortnite" along with the new skin, but there is certainly reason to believe that there are more updates coming sooner rather than later.

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