PS5 Restock Update: Target Stock Release Date Confirmed—Other Retailers and Online Tracker

PS5 Restock Update: Target Stock Release Date Confirmed—Other Retailers and Online Tracker
PlayStation 5 Restocks are coming in, and this is a big update for most major retailers. Best Buy, Target, and Walmart have some schedules listed down here. Photo : Leon Neal/Getty Images

PlayStation 5 restocks are coming in, and this is a big update for most major retailers. Best Buy, Target and Walmart have some schedules confirmed. Other stores in the U.S. might also have new stocks before the month ends.

With that said, this might be your best chance of buying the long-awaited PS5.

After months of intense competition in the online market, a PS5 restock date has been announced by available internet sources. Leaker and YouTuber Jake Randall and Twitter tracker Matt Swider might soon post more updates when these products go live in the market. 

Tech Radar reported that Randall got an internal corporate email sent by his Target sources. Target is one of the major retailers in the U.S., but they only sell minimum stocks on the PS5 console, unlike its other counterparts. Nonetheless, this might be the long-awaited major restock. Target stores nationwide might soon be selling the next-generation console.

Target is just one of the many retailers receiving restock news. Here is the complete list of retailers and their possible restock dates (per Tech Radar):


Amazon restocks come at random, both in their date and timeframe. There are some PS5 consoles available through resellers. However, most of these products listed come with a mark-up price. It is better to keep a lookout for Amazon Prime Day, where the retailer makes amazing offers for a reasonable price.

Best Buy

Best Buy restocks might happen sometime Friday, April 30, after 12:00 pm EDT.

According to reports, the PS5 restocks might go live around 12:00 pm- 1:15 pm EDT. Constantly refresh their online shop to monitor availability. After completing your online order, store pickup might come in three to five days later.


Some stocks are rumored to be coming in this week, around the afternoon. GameStop has an online-only order policy, with no in-store ordering or pickup.

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The retailer has PS5 some stock available. However, it is often listed under the Newegg Shuffle lottery, open every day on the weekdays. This retailer also sells some GPU and CPU for both Intel and AMD. Try your luck out by constantly applying for the lottery when possible.


Target restocks might happen sometime Wednesday, April 28, between 6 am, and 9 am EDT.

Items might go live around 7:40 am EDT. The shop has an online-only order policy, but it requires you to pick up your orders from a local Target store.


Walmart has the most consistent stock for the PS5 consoles, but they often sell out in a matter of minutes. However, it has no restock news as of last week because it is rumored to prepare its inventory for this week.

Matt Swider's online tracker would often sent notifications somewhere between. He also posts restock updates minutes before the items go live. Matt discourages customers from buying from Twitter users, which are often scam products.

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