'New Pokemon Snap' Gets Early Positive Impressions; Bags Charming Reviews, Comparison to 'Animal Crossing'

'New Pokemon Snap' Gets Early Positive Impressions; Bags Charming Reviews, Comparison to 'Animal Crossing'
The latest iteration of the original Nintendo 64 game, "New Pokemon Snap," is coming to the Nintendo Switch after 22 years. Here are the early reviews about the game. Photo : John Sciulli/Getty Images

The latest iteration of the original Nintendo 64 game, "New Pokemon Snap," is coming to the Nintendo Switch after 22 years. The game will still be in the "Catch em' all" theme, only this time, players will be equipped with a camera, apples, music box and more in the relaxing Pokemon safari game.

'New Pokemon Snap' Gameplay

As mentioned, the "New Pokemon Snap" game for the Nintendo Switch is safari-themed where players will try to snap pictures of their favorite Pokemons using a camera in the wild. According to USA Today, players will also be riding a robotic vehicle called Neo-One, trekking along a fixed path towards the jungles of the Lental Region.

The player's job is to get the most adorable pictures that they can get in "New Pokemon Snap." With their camera, they can zoom in on any Pokemon they can find in the wild. Meanwhile, using Apples and music boxes will lure a Pokemon out in hiding and perform specific movements that players can capture with the camera.

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Besides that, there are specific missions in "New Pokemon Snap'' where players will need visit other places in the Lental region at night. There will be another set of Pokemons going about their way during this time.

There will always be a professor in every Pokemon game, and this time, players will have to report to Professor Mirror. Mirror will be the player's guide in improving their photo-capturing skills.

The professor will also be the one to grade the player's Pokemon photos, which falls into five categories: Pose, Size, Direction the Pokemon is looking into, Placement within the image, and the number of Pokemons present in the picture. If the picture falls into every category, they will be rewarded handsomely in the form of stars, with a five-star photo being the most significant achievement players can get.

In the "New Pokemon Snap,"  players will still have a Pokedex equipped with them, as the device will tell the player's progress and how many Pokemons they have already capture in the wild.

'New Pokemon Snap' - A Relaxing Game Like 'Animal Crossing'

According to Cnet, the "New Pokemon Snap" resembles another Nintendo Switch game title; "Animal Crossing: New Horizons." The upcoming Pokemon game also feels satisfying like "Animal Crossing," as it has the same characteristics of the life simulator game.

"New Pokemon Snap" offers a beautiful level design, with each stage being a masterpiece of its own. The game also fills the screen with adorable moments from various Pokemons, and there can be no shortage of picture-perfect snaps.

Each level of "New Pokemon Snap" also changes as Professor Mirror gives the players tasks to every new location and new time zones, bringing new elements in the game, such as a new Pokemon hopping about in the wild or the same Pokemon, but with a different set of actions than the previous ones.

On th other hand, Michael Goroff of EGM mentioned in his review the "thoroughly enjoyable and charming" aspect of the game, noting that the game shows why millions of people have loved the game. Cian Maher of The Gamer, meanwhile, praised the new title for its content and highlighted the allure of the island and the Pokemons players can capture.

Jenae Sitzes of GameSpot, on the other hand, echoed the same sentiments. While she noted the content can be overwhelming for first-time players, it doesn't remove the fact that it is an enjoyable and exhilarating game.

While the star rating system is not perfect, especially the algorithms that determine the points, the score will really not matter that much in the long run as players find themselves lost in the world and intoxicated by the game's design. "New Pokemon Snap" will launch on April 30 for the Nintendo Switch and can be purchased through Nintendo's official website for $59.99.

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