Six Reasons Why You Should Use LED Lights In The Office

Six Reasons Why You Should Use LED Lights In The Office
Photo : Six Reasons Why You Should Use LED Lights In The Office

An average office worker spends at least 8 hours a day at his workstation; that is almost one-third of his day.  When you spend that much time in a space, it affects your psyche, physical well-being, and productivity.  And when we talk about the attributes of a space, the lighting might be the most crucial element there. For one, it can affect our mood, circadian rhythm, sleep pattern, cognitive function, and may set off many other biological and psychological reactions in our body that we are yet to discover.

Since lighting is at the center of our physiological and psychological reaction to space, you must choose the best system for your office or workplace. And considering the energy efficiency and increased productivity, LED light is most likely the best solution for the workspace. Read on to learn more about that.

LED Lights Are Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is the most appealing feature of LED lighting. Traditional incandescent light converts only 5% of its energy into light and the remaining 95% goes into heating its filament. On the other hand, LED lighting converts 95% of its energy into light, wasting only 5% of consumed energy.

Compared to incandescent or fluorescent lighting, LED light is 80% more energy efficient. Besides, As it uses a semiconductor to produce light, LED lights require less power than traditional ones. You can replace an 80 watt fluorescent light with a 30 watt LED light. To learn more about it, you can check out how LED lights work online.

LED Lights Boost Productivity

Do you often feel fatigued in the harsh sterile office environment? It's because ambient lighting has a direct link with our productivity. Studies have shown that 24% of employees found it hard to keep their concentration to work due to poor lighting. On the other hand, balanced lighting can boost productivity up to 19%.

When the light is bright, direct, and harsh it affects our mind and temperament - and creates a tense, urgent environment that can trigger headaches. On the other hand, dim or muted lighting is no better. If you have to squint your eyes every few seconds to see documents or the computer screen, you will either end up with a headache or lose motivation for work.

Light needs to be balanced and natural lighting is the best way to achieve that. However, if natural lighting is not an option then, LED lighting can be the most effective solution. LED light can mirror the change in natural lighting, you can adjust the intensity and color according to your mood.

LED Lighting Promotes Occupants Health

We all have a built-in system in our brain that regulates our response to light, it's called the circadian rhythm. As the natural light changes throughout the day, our circadian rhythm changes our perception of it, depending on the light it can activate or deactivate certain hormones that regulate our sleep pattern. 

But when we are confined in space with artificial lighting, our circadian rhythm gets thrown off balance, as it can't fathom the change of light, thus messing up the necessary hormone production.  As LED lighting mimics the transition of natural light, it helps us maintain our circadian rhythm. Which ultimately results in a good sleep pattern, a better diet, and overall well-being.

LED Lighting Saves Overhead Cost

As LED lighting consumes less energy, you will need less energy cost. Besides paying fewer electricity bills, you will have to spend less on maintenance, as these lights usually last longer than another traditional lighting. And as employees become more productive, they will not work long hours, saving you other utility bills.

LED Lights Are Eco-Friendly

The energy efficiency of LED lights ultimately results in less demand for electricity in power plants and a significant greenhouse gas reduction. Besides, LED lights don't use any toxic chemicals, such as mercury or lead in their construction. What's more interesting is, LED lights are 100% recyclable with no part of their making going to waste.

They Have a Longer Life Span

LED lights have a longer lifespan. While incandescent lights use delicate filament for lighting, LED lights don't have such fragile components.  They can light for 50,000-100000 hours without any glitch. Besides, their shatterproof glass body ensures they run for a long time.

The Bottom Line

Installing LED lights in the office might seem expensive, considering the energy, and cost efficiency factor, it will be worth the investment. And it will be a great improvement compared to flickering fluorescent lights. What's more important is that it's versatile, and it's the closest you can get to natural light. So while installing LED lighting, make sure it is a smart one that can mimic the transition of natural light, you will be amazed by the change it brings in productivity and moods in your employees!  

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