All Buyers Need To Know About The Cree Connected LED Bulb

Cree Connected LED Bulb is a new series of a smart bulb that has been featured on Zigbee radio. It has amazing features where one can pair the Bulb with a control Hub and then would be able to access it remotely to turn it off and on or can schedule automated lighting changes as per the need arrives.

Cree was a little unsure about bringing up a new smart bulb to its best-selling LED lineup but that thought changed this year when a $15 Cree connected LED was added up with the same specs as the 4Flow LED.

According to CNET, the bulb works extremely well across all platforms that it has been tested with and shares the same lightning specs as that of 4Flow LED. Also, it has an amazing price range starting with just $15 which is less than the non-connected bulbs available in the market. It has also won the Editor's choice award as well and the best option to date as tested.


The design of the Cree Connected LED is similar to the previous 4Flow LED. Though the bulb gives a cheap look especially when it is turned off, the technology behind it makes it a winner among all.

The new LED also has the cooling trick feature just like the 4Flow LED, which circulates air all throughout the body of the bulb, distributing the heat all throughout and thus making it much cooler than all the ordinary LED bulb.


This brings the production cost down and the adding feature would be its light weight of fewer than two ounces. Talking about its specifications than its efficiency is slightly higher than the 4Flow LED which is about 11.5 watts. Another added feature would be its perfect color temperature of about 2969k less than any other smart bulb available in the market providing a warm, yellowy light that soothes the eye.

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