Fourth Stimulus Check Tracker: Fake News on $2000 Payment, Updates and More Details

Fourth Stimulus Check Tracker: Fake News on $2000 Payment, Updates and More Details
Biden Administration provides financial support to affected families from the pandemic. However, a fact check on the topic shows that the vongress has not approved this fourth round of stimulus payments. Photo : Jp Valery/Unsplash

Talk for the fourth stimulus check payment amounting to $2,000 per eligible individual has been a hot topic due to the Biden Administration's financial support to affected families amid the pandemic. However, a fact check on the topic shows that Congress has not approved this fourth round of stimulus payments.

Currently, millions of Americans continue to keep an eye on their bank accounts or mailboxes for the arrival of the third stimulus check payments. This year, the congress passed the coronavirus relief package movement amounting to $1.9 trillion that was broken down to $1,400 per eligible individual. In addition, Usa Today reported that the IRS is currently sending out another 1.1 million payments by paper check or direct deposit this week.

If you haven't received yours, then your stimulus check payment might be coming out this week!

Stimulus Check Payments

For reference, the IRS releases the stimulus check payments in different waves with different eligibility policies. For the first stimulus check, an amount of $1,200 was released, and $600 for the second wave. Some Americans are still waiting out on the third stimulus check amounting to $1,400. Now, news has been spreading about an incoming fourth stimulus check amounting to $2,000.

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Claims for the Fourth Stimulus Check

On March 2, 21 senators wrote a letter urging the Biden Administration to approve the fourth wave of monetary support to the Americans. Representative Ilhan Omar tweeted on her account a proposal of $2,000 monthly payments until the pandemic is over.

Usa Today, meanwhile, reported that on May 5, a Facebook post was made about the "4th stimulus payment arriving by the Memorial Day weekend worth $2,000 per person and the child tax credit of $300 - $500 would run through the month of July to December." The post went viral and was shared on the social media platform around 250 times.

The congress, however, has not yet approved any proposals for a fourth stimulus check. The White House remains silent when asked about the topic. Until today, while the topic remains a hot debate, there has been no official support for a fourth stimulus check wave.

Yahoo! Finance added that the Americans have called for the approval through an online petition, "calling on Congress to support families with a $2,000 payment for adults and a $1,000 payment for kids immediately, and continuing regular checks for the duration of the crisis."

President Joe Biden and his administration have been clear with their intent to provide monetary support for families in need. Stimulus checks are continuously being delivered to American houses despite some of its delays. However, the President and his administration have not indicated any favor of approving a fourth stimulus check.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi tweeted in her account that America has worked its way through the worse of the pandemic and is currently on the path of recovery. Her statement brings doubts if a fourth stimulus check would truly be approved.

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