New 'Valorant' Game Mode Is Like 'League of Legends' One-For-All: Leaks, Teaser Video, and Possible Release Date

New 'Valorant' Game Mode Is Like 'League of Legends' One-For-All: Leaks, Teaser Video, and Possible Release Date
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"Valorant" is bringing out its third new game mode for players to enjoy. Riot recently released two teaser videos that sparked a lot of theories about the new mode called "Replication."

"Valorant" is a free-to-play hero shooter game developed by Riot, first released in October 2019. The game has been bringing exciting new game modes for the community, starting off with the "Snowball" and "Escalation." Now, "Replication" has been teased to be the newest addition to that list.

"Snowball" was released as a holiday-themed mode that pits players in a match using only a snowball gun. Meanwhile, "Escalation" is mode where players are required to use a variety of weapons and level it up to the next weapon by killing their opponents. Both game modes showed great success in their release, so it's no wonder why fans are excited about what "Valorant" is bringing next.

'Valorant' Replication Game Mode

On May 8, "Valorant" released a 23-second video teasing the new game mode. No explanation was provided, as the video only featured 12 Brimstone smokes dropping at the Breeze A Site. Brimstone is identified near the end to be running across the smoke.

More recenly, Valorant tweeted another 15-second video for "Replication." The new video showed Skye's Guiding Light ability going off consecutively followed by multiple Seekers coming out from the entrance of the Haven B Site.

Dexerto suspected that the "Replication" game mode might be similar to the "League of Legends" One-For-All game mode, where every player locks in the same champion.

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'Valorant' Replication Theories

The "Valorant" Replication gameplay might start with a voting system. Each player could possibly vote for an Agent that the whole team would use. Then, the game could randomly pick one agent from the voting poll and assign it to all the players in the team. The more players vote on the same agent, the bigger it's chance of being picked. The agent of choice for each team would be kept confidential to the enemy until the game officially starts.

If that ends to be the case, a pro tip when playing this game mode is to use agents who can share the same buff or debuff from the same skill. For example, Brimstone can see in the fog, regardless of whether it is his bomb or his ally's bomb. Also, two Vipers can share the same Viper's Pit skill, so the area has a longer duration. Players' strategies for this game mode are to work around their team to support each other while avoiding the same "weakness" they all share.

However, this is just speculation drawn from "Valorant's" teaser videos. Therefore, take this article with some level of suspicion since "Valorant" might put out an entirely different gameplay from its Riot Games counterparts.

"Valorant" has not confirmed the details of the game mode and its release date. However, the content is expected to come out on Patch 2.09. AFK Gaming reported that teh said patch may come some time in May 2021. Keep an eye out for "Valorant's" official website and Twitter account for faster news updates.

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