2021 Macbook Air Design Change Leaked—Specs, Release Date and Other Rumors

2021 Macbook Air Design Change Leaked—Specs, Release Date and Other Rumors
Leaked info on supposed designs of the 2021 MacBook Air shows an array of vibrant colors, reminiscent of the recent throwback of M1 iMacs. Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

It can't get cooler and colorful than this. If latest leaks are to be given that serious second look, then it is safe to expect Apple to extend that ultimate throwback of such bright  and bubbly M2-powered iMac desktops to the upcoming 2021 MacBook Air.

Yes, you read that right. Apple seems dead-set to turn the MacBook into a reprise of that colorful era.

TechRadar made this claim based on information from famed Apple leaker Jon Prosser, who was said to have seen photos of the upcoming device. Yet of course, this is still not official and as such, fans need to still get more information as they come.

2021 MacBook Air Design Change: Colors to Suit Your Lifestyle

However, if the new MacBook would turn out like the rumor, the most obvious and biggest design change would be its new colors that would leave users choosing not only the famed inherent power and functionality of the immense Apple product, but also the color that would suit their outfits and maybe one that would suit the color of their rooms.

The chassis, Tech Radar continued, seemed similar to its M1-powered version in 2020, which certainly adds to appeal.

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Prosser uploaded a YouTube video featuring his new renders that showed the rumored new MacBook Air designs from his reliable Apple source. He stressed that such line of laptops would essentially get much thinner, if those USB-C ports are still there--which surely still would be a good decision to retain. As for the processor that would run it, it could be powered by the Apple M2 processor or any other future generations of the chip.

2021 MacBook Air's Reported Variety of Colors

Digital Trends added that these renders present alterations to the current MacBook Air design. The most apparent change is that it would reportedly come in such vibrant colors as blue, pink, green, purple, orange, yello  and the traditional silver. Well, expectedly, those are the same colors of the current M1 iMacs, as PetaPixel revealed.

Renders shown by Prosser also revealed that the colors would move on to the interiors of the machine, but not the bezels around the monitor and the keyboard, which will reportedly be white. This is certainly quite far off from the Apple designs of past MacBooks, even up to its recent M1 MacBook that had black bezels and black keys.

Even with the USB-C ports, the new MacBook Air will have a chassis much thinner than ever. As for the bezels, it seemed to be quite thin as well. Yet Prosser admitted it was still up in the air, no pun intended, but reaching that minute size would not be that insane. Other laptops like the 13-inch Dell XPS 13 and the Razer Book 13, which have 16:10 displays, already have similarly thin bezels.

2021 MacBook Air Design Renders Not Official Yet

Prosser has a good reputation for such leaks, especially in revealing functionalities and generalities. However, he has sometimes failed in the design leaks, just like when he predicted the new M1 iMacs. While he nailed that it would come in several colors, he failed in identifying what these colors are and how Apple actually designed the units.

As fans anticipate a professional-level iMac to appear like the Pro XDR Display, at least they could see that iconic iMac "chin" in the new designs, which ran counter to Prosser's initial renders.

Once Apple decides on rolling out this new MacBook Air, if such exists, waiting for the M2 to get embedded may take a few months or maybe by the end of the year. As such, fans should hold their horses first until Apple does come out and give more details about their new, colorful MacBook Air--something that is still so wonderful to imagine.

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