TikTok Video Tools: How to Use the New Green Screen Duet Feature

TikTok Video Tools: How to Use the New Green Screen Duet Feature
TikTok has introduced its new Green Screen Duets feature, allowing users to use other TikTok videos as backgrounds of their own creations. Photo : Drew Angerer/Getty Images

TikTok users have new feature to play with, and it is actually a combination of two previous offerings. With the new Green Screen Duet feature, users can embed other TikTok videos on their own!

TikTok's "Duet" layout menu now has the "Green Screen Duet" option for TikTokers to use another video as a background, with the creator of the original video tagged in the caption of the new one. A link to the original video is likewise added.

TikTok said in its announcement that the Green Screen Duet gives users "a new way to collaborate with existing content across TikTok."

TikTok Green Screen Duet: How to Use It

To use the feature, Tiktok users must play the video they want to add to their current creation and select "Green Screen" from the Duet layout options. The "Duetted" video will now play in the background as you record your new video.

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This feature would even expand the creativity of the TikTok community, as it brings new content formats, such as other creative effects and collaboration tools that will make their videos extra astonishing.

TikTok Green Screen Duet Usefulness for Content Creators

This is very useful for creators who love to combine content in their creations, such as adding photos and videos to their own either to add aesthetic value, or present or react to other TikTok videos, The Verge noted.

While current tools like the separate Green Screen, Duets and Stitches offer some meshing, Green Screen Duet provides more visual cohesiveness in the combined work. In Green Screen, users can just place images as a background to their videos, while videos can be tiled next to each other in Duets. In Stitches, two videos are stitched to each other to present one creation.

Green Screen Duet joins an existing array of Duet tools to allow creators to lay out the two videos side by side. Currently, the Duets feature include layouts, such as Left & Right, React, and Top & Bottom. TikTokers use the feature in the usual dancing, singing, joking, and acting videos beside another TikToker's video either to amusingly mimic the other video or show their abilities themselves. They would also use it to vividly show their commentary to another video's content--maybe to show awareness on the issues presented.

TikTok Leads Market in Video Innovations

TikTok has been working tirelessly to upgrade its interface, thereby enhancing its recording capabilities and embracing new video content in its app, TechCrunch revealed.

Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat have all scrambled to keep pace with TikTok's advancements in the short video sharing space. TikTok recently introduced interactive music features to remain in the lead.

TikTok Video Topics Feed

In addition, TikTok is testing a dedicated Topics feed that organizes videos into categories, which represent the many areas of interest in the platform, such as Comedy, Animals, Gaming, Food, Dance, Beauty, Sports, TV & Movies, and Family. Tapping into one topic or category will lead you to the day's top trending content on the community.

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