TikTok Cheat Codes for the Universe: Meaning Behind Grabovoi Numbers Revealed!

TikTok Cheat Codes for the Universe: Meaning Behind the Numbers Revealed!
A new trend is taking over TikTok, with the "cheat codes of the Universe" going viral. Here is everything you need to know about the phenomenon. Photo : Drew Angerer/Getty Images

A new trend is taking over TikTok, with the "cheat codes of the Universe" going viral. These codes are used to manifest good fortune, money, health, love, and almost anything the universe can offer.

TikTok is spreading a new trend by sharing "Grabovoi Numbers" online. Despite being unpopular until recently, Grabovoi Numbers have been around for many years now. In theory, these numbers work through the electromagnetic field of the earth, producing correct "vibrations" that lead you to the correct "destiny."

The principle also lines up with the concept of building your fate, numerology and astrology.

The idea behind Grabovoi Numbers is not magic. Manifest+Flow reported that everyone creates their own electromagnetic field, that if disturbed, results in ailments, sickness and other misfortune. With that said, knowing the correct Grabavoi Number sequence and creating your right vibration would give you control in your life.

What Are the Cheat Codes of the Universe

There are many number sequences taken from Grabavoi Numbers. Gizmodo reported some of the popular ones used in TikTok to be:

  • 706485425 : business success
  • 960745288 : academic success
  • 26608934 : fame
  • 87316 : weight loss
  • 5294361 : love
  • 2017133 : luck
  • 487042169 : happiness
  • 83609348 : grow taller
  • 66940233 : shifting

There are other codes for more specific desires such as nail growth, hair growth, acne removal, better skin, and even allegedly curing cancer or AIDs.

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How to Manifest These Numbers

Knowing the correct code is only half of the sequence. TikTok users instruct different ways to manifest or "activate" these good vibrations. Instructions include acts like:

  • Memorizing the number sequence
  • Tracing them in air
  • Writing in a paper
  • Putting the number (on a paper) under your pillow
  • Always keep the number (on a paper) on you
  • Reciting the number every day

These steps should help you receive the good vibrations from the numbers, making a subtle but effective change in your life within a day or week.

Does it Actually Work?

Studies on health and spiritual well-being show some results about the Grabovoi Numbers. However, Vice reported that these Grabovoi codes developed by the mathematician Grigori Grabovoy were known to be controversial. In 2008, Grabovoy was convicted for promising parents that he could resurrect their dead children.

Many of the TikTok streamers vouch for the effectiveness and authenticity of these Grabovoi Numbers. Often, these trending videos would always tell you to "try it out for yourself." It is also a simple task that does not require more than a few minutes of your time while promising auspicious rewards.

It is hard to confirm whether these Grabovoi Numbers are effective or not. However, it is a fact that TikTok users are enjoying the trend and a lot are joining the hype. Different users will tell you other codes for specific desires you could have. Check out TikTok to see more of these Grabovoi Numbers, the cheat codes of the Universe.

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