Samsung Phones Next Generation: New Galaxy Can Fold Twice, Expand Up to 7.2 Inches!

Samsung Phones Next Generation: New Galaxy Can Fold Twice, Expand Up to 7.2 Inches!
Samsung introduced new concepts for its OLED displays, including a device that folds not once but twice! Photo : Kim White/Getty Images

Samsung has showed off concepts of new cutting-edge displays that should dominate the market in the not so distance future.

At the 2021 SID Display Week on Monday, Samsung unveiled a number of OLED panels it will integrate into the next versions of their devices soon.

Samsung Phones Next Generation: Display That Folds Not Once, But Twice

Samsung Display introduced the S-Foldable, an OLED panel with a bi-fold design, ZDNet reported. Fully stretched out, the display provides 7.2 inches of screen, but when folded twice, it turns into the size of a common smartphone. This is similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 2, except that it has one more fold.

The Korean giant also presented a sliding OLED panel, which is similar to any smartphone in size, but the panel could be horizontally slid out to stretch its size. It looked similar to the failed LG rollable display concept earlier in 2021 until it left the market altogether.

Samsung Display That Can Act As Tablet and PC Monitor

Another display rolled out was a 17-inch, 4:3 aspect ratio display that could be folded to tablet-size and function as a PC monitor when fully stretched out.

In addition, Samsung also unveiled the under panel camera, wherein the front camera is concealed under the screen.

Samsung Display manufactures OLED panels for the Korean electronics giant's devices and other manufacturers, The Verge noted. These displays presented in the 2021 Display Week are mere concept displays and may not materialize at all in Samsung devices, although it's highly likely that they would.

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Samsung OLED Foldable Displays in Next Galaxy Z Fold, Flip Phones

No word was given on the actual availability of the displays; however, there were reports that the under camera will form part of the next version of one of Samsung's foldable phones--either the Galaxy Z Flip 3 or the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

These foldable phones have been rumored to roll out in August.

A major Korean news outlet, Yonhap News, reported that an "Unpacked" event has been scheduled for the Fold 3, Flip 3, and S21 FE around early to mid-August. Previous reports claimed that Samsung will announce the foldables in July and the S21 FE in August.

Samsung Displays on New Foldable Phones More Durable

In these new upgrades to the Fold 3 and the Flip 3, Samsung has reportedly addressed some user complaints about its form factor, revealed. Previous foldables had been riddled with several issues, primary of which is the phone's fragileness and high-cost. Samsung has apparently worked on enhancing their durability.

New features, such as sturdier glass displays and being water- and dust-resistant are promising features that should entice consumers. In addition, the South Korean phone maker is said to be improving the  quality of the components and the actual design of the product to avoid accidental damage. It is also working on offering foldable cases to go with the foldable handsets.

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