Android 12 Features: 3 Best Google OS Updates That You Should Be Excited About

Android 12 Features: 3 Best Google OS Updates That You Should Be Excited About
Android is set to have its most radical design change ever with the arrival of Android 12, featuring several cool new features users should be excited about. Photo : Denny Müller/Unsplash

The next generation of Google's Android operating system, Android 12, was unveiled at the Google developer conference. Some of the changes and updates introduced are better battery-saving features, adaptable UI designs, customizable color palettes and updated notifications.

Google announced that the general release of the Android 12 is set on September, with available features depending on the device that runs it. On Google's flagship Pixel phone, there will be a color extraction tool that will update the entire system with a customized color of the user's choosing. The Quick Settings have also been redesigned to add Home Controls and Google Pay, which can now be accessed from the front and center of the screen, unlike in previous versions wherein they are placed in the Power Menu.

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Android 12 Features: Fluid Motions Upon Touch

CNET revealed that the interface will have more fluid motions, animations and responses as the user touches the screen, with an always-on display and ingenious adaptive notifications.

It also promises to decrease CPU time to process core services by about 22 percent, while speeding up the phone and save battery life.

Aside from that, we also take a look at three of the coolest features in detail:

Android 12 Features: 3 Best Updates

Privacy Features

On Android 12, security features have never been so defined with a new Privacy Dashboard that allows users to spot apps that access private data, and reject this action, Tech Crunch revealed. It also allows users to see a timeline on when an app had tracked their location, the duration it did the monitoring, and if it was executed in the background.

It will also allow users to know if an app uses the camera or microphone, and lets you access a quick access panel by a simple swipe on the top of the screen to instantly stop the app's unauthorized actions.

Double-Tap Gesture Settings

Google is set to mimic the iPhone's impressive feature of tapping the back of the handset for pre-defined action triggers. Android 12 will have an enhanced, similar feature on the way, as users can choose certain actions that can be triggered, uch as playing or pausing media, opening apps, taking a screenshot, or launching Google Assistant.

Similarly, Android 12 would have its own take on iPhone's Reachability feature, having a one-handed mode that makes it easier to use a larger phone with one hand.

Customized Color Themes

While this may be initially seen on the Pixel phone, it won't necessarily mean this feature will not land on other Android devices as well. But to marvel at this new Android 12 feature, you need to use a Pixel phone to see it, Tom's Guide reported.

As mentioned, selecting a wallpaper image will make Android set off a system-wide theme change using related color palettes, covering the lock screen, widgets, and volume controls, among others.

For sure, more features are on the way before the final release this Fall, and fans surely won't get enough of the cool features they are about to see on the Android 12 as it fully takes shape.

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