Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R Power Specs; Leaked Design Shows Resemblance to ZX-25R

Kawasaki’s Rumored Ninja ZX-4R: Engine Power, Design Leaked
Kawasaki is said to be developing the Ninja ZX-4R, which is part of its successful line of entry-level superbikes. Photo : Takashi Aoyama/Getty Images

With the many motorcycle brands worldwide, how does a top player like Kawasaki remain competitive and relevant? It should keep rolling out new models.

And with new leaks coming out, it seems Kawasaki is doing just that-expanding its entry-level supersport motorcycle line to introduce the Ninja ZX-4R.

The Japanese bike maker had invited much biker interest and pulled them to own the Ninja ZX-Z5R, which launched in 2020, for specific markets in Asia Pacific. Part of this lineup are the middleweights Ninja ZX-6R and Ninja ZX. All these three models were widely acclaimed for their dynamics and performance. As such, an upcoming Ninja ZX-4R would really pack a serious punch.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R's 4-Cylinder, 400cc Engine Stands Out

According to rumors, the Ninja ZX-4R will have the powerful inline four-cylinder motor, yet with a displacement of 400cc. With most similar motorcycles in the market run by Singles and Twins, this four-cylinder, 400cc monster will surely stand out, especially with its expected attractive price point.

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The ZX-4R engine, rumors further said, will be made by an enlarging the ZX-25R's bore and bringing in a new set of cranks and pistons. The new model will have an updated engine control unit to further heighten torque and power output.

The ZX-24R's enlarged motor was said to likely produce 65 brake horsepower, which around 20 bhp more than a 400cc engine of a standard Ninja 400.

Leaks also say it will be based on the ZX-25R, which is lesser in size, and not the larger ZX-6R, to keep the costs lower for wider acceptance in various markets. The ZX-25R platform, Rushlane.com said, would be more cost-effective since it could be extended for a slightly bigger model. It said the front allow wheel can have a dual-disc set up that could increase the ZX-4R's anchorage power.

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Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R Purported Diagram Leaked

Motorcycle.com got hold of a purported Kawasaki patent design it published on its website that it said confirmed that the manufacturer has been putting the ZX-4R in the works. The diagram showed that integrated duct that would redirect air around the radiator, header pipes, and directly to the engine. The diagrams would show a resemblance to the ZX-25R, with which the ZX-4R will be based.

As connection is established between the patent and the ZX-25R is established, accompanying text would reveal that it was about the ZX-4R, saying that it would run on a four-cylinder 400cc engine, DriveSpark.com noted in a report.

The new ZX-24R is also reported to include inverted forks at the front, a linked mono-shock at the back, twin front discs, a single disc at the rear, and twin front discs with radial calipers, Rushlane.com noted. It should also have a bi-directional quick-shifter, traction control system, and multiple riding modes.

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