Clubhouse Android App Live! How to Sign Up, Issues and More

Clubhouse Android App Live! How to Sign Up, Issues and More
Clubhouse Android App is now available globally, and Android users have a lot to know about the audio-chat platform. Photo : Keira Burton/Pexels

The once iOS-exclusive app has just announced that it is now available on Android.

Clubhouse App is now available globally, and Android users have a lot to know about the audio-chat platform.

Clubhouse Android App: Are You Invited?

The Android version of Clubhouse works just like its iOS counterpart. You will need an invite from someone to be able to get in and start using the app's services. The app works similar to a social network and the invites allow you to know who's linked with who.

Existing users of Clubhouse get multiple invites they can give out, and once you get in, the name of the person who invited you will also appear on your profile. You can get your initial set of invites over time the longer you use the app. Clubhouse also gives you more invites through hosting rooms, speaking in rooms or creating a club.

Explore the Hallways of Clubhouse

When you enter the Clubhouse app, you will find yourself in the Hallway. You get to see the rooms currently in session. These rooms can have a myriad of topics, usually included in the room's name or title. If the room was made by a member of a club, the club name could be found above the room's title, with a green house icon next to it.

You can enter any of these rooms. Once you enter, you become a listener. The speakers inside the room are found at the top, the moderators being one of the first few icons you see, their names tagged with a green asterisk icon. You can be a speaker by raising your hand using the hand icon on the bottom right of your screen or when a moderator invites you up "on stage."

If you like the room and are interested in joining the club, you can follow the club. Members of the club can also invite you to be a part of that club as well. If you like specific speakers or listeners in the room, you can also give them a follow by clicking on their photos and viewing their profile.

Your profile shows your bio, how many followers you have, and how many you're following. It also shows you the clubs you are a part of. So if you are intrigued by a speaker and their interests, you can check the clubs they are a part of on their profile.

This is how Clubhouse builds communities and allows its users to build their networks. It allows connection to be made easily and finding people with the same interests or advocacies as you do is just a few taps away.

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Clubhouse Android Issue

Despite the rather straightforward invite-sign-up process, The Siasat Daily said that Android users are not pleased after trying to sign up, finding that the verification process hasn't been as smooth as advertised.

Unhappy users took the Play Store review section to express their disappointment in the app. Complaints include that they haven't been receiving verification codes and when re-entering their phone numbers, the app reports back saying that the number they entered is incorrect or not supported.

It is worth noting that Clubhouse is a public beta. Bugs and issues are to be expected as it isn't quite the stable app release, Mashable pointed out. The Clubhouse team stated that when they first released the early version of the Android app, they will fix major problems in the application by collecting feedback from the Android users, according to Somag News.

The popularity of the app skyrocketed since its release back in April of 2020. Notable users include Oprah, Snoop Dogg, Elon Musk, Tiffany Haddish, Drake, Ashton Kutcher and more.

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