Twitter Verification 2021: Requirements, Criteria, and 3 Steps to Apply for Blue Badge

Twitter Verification 2021: Requirements, Criteria, and 3 Steps to Apply for Blue Badge
Twitter verification is back this 2021! Here are the quick and easy steps to get that coveted blue badge on your profile! Photo : Solen Feyissa/Pexels

Twitter Verified took to, well, Twitter to inform its users that there's a new and official way to apply for the blue verified badge.

Over the next few weeks, the micro-blogging site will be rolling out their new system, making the application straightforward and easy. 

Twitter Verification 2021

The popular micro-blogging social media application has been verifying notable users on its app since 2009. It becomes a symbol that that account is the actual person, brand, company or news source.

Besides proving the genuine and reliable nature of popular or important accounts, it has also become a status symbol to many. Over the years, as Twitter grew in popularity, Tech Radar said it became more challenging for the company to manually check through thousands of applications for account verification.

Twitter then paused their public submissions for verification in late 2017, reminding their users again in early 2018. They only verified a handful of accounts since then. 

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In-App Verification

Twitter Verified released in a series of tweets their new system which allows users to submit their applications to request for verification in-app. After nearly four years since they closed their application system to the public, they've opened it back and made it easier than ever. What you need to do first is head to your account settings to get started.  

The app has made the application request as easy as one, two, three with literally three steps. 

To qualify for the coveted blue badge, your account needs to be authentic, notable, and active. What Twitter considers notable are accounts in the following categories:

  • Government

  • Companies, brands, and organizations

  • News organizations and journalists

  • Entertainment

  • Sports and gaming

  • Activist, organizers, and other influential individuals.

To verify your identity, you need to provide a government issued ID. An official e-mail address can also be provided or a link to an official website where the Twitter account is directly referenced or used.

Accounts also need to be complete and active, having a profile name and image, with a confirmed email address or phone number. That way, identity verification can easily be done.

It is also important that you have logged into your account in the last six moths. These accounts must be of good merit as well and has not been locked out for 12 hours or seven days due to rule violations in the last 12 months. 

Twitter Verified also included accounts that are not eligible for a verification badge. These include parody, newsfeed, complementary and unofficial fan accounts which happen to be a large portion of Twitter's users. Pets and fictional characters cannot be verified either. 

Moreover, accounts that are associated harmful activity or known for spreading hateful content are also ineligible to get verified. Accounts that have violated Twitter's platform manipulation and spam policy will not be verified by Twitter as well.

Once approved, Twitter will start showing the blue badge next to your Twitter name.

Where Is the Verification Option?

Some users have been asking Twitter Verified where the option to request verification is. Twitter has stated that it chose to slowly roll it to a number of users at a time so as not to overwhelm the system of the inevitable barrage of applications. 

If users are denied verification, they can reapply 30 days after they were notified of the denied application. 

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