'Biomutant' Weapon Crafting Guide: How to Make Rifles, Shotguns, and Revolvers

 'Biomutant' Weapon Crafting Guide: How to Make Rifles, Shotguns and Revolvers
'Biomutant' has one of the most complex crafting systems in the history of gaming. However, it has a lot of exciting gadgets that unlock abilities and personalize content. Here is a quick and easy guide on how to craft rifles, shotguns, and revolvers. Photo : Axville/Unsplash

If you're reading this guide, then chances are, you have absolutely no idea how to craft new weapons in "Biomutant." That is understandable since this game has one of the most complex crafting systems in the history of gaming. However, by the time you've finished reading, your mutant furry should have new bio-contamination weapons ready for mass destruction.

Here is a quick and easy guide on how to craft rifles, shotguns, and revolvers on "Biomutant."

"Biomutant" is an open-world RPG that emphasizes details on sci-fic and fantasy. You'll see mutant characters, mechanical limbs, bio-chemical weapons, toothbrush swords and other exciting gadgets that unlock abilities like flight or running. The game features a lot of customizable content, where you can create your own design by combining different bits and pieces. The same system applies when crafting new weapons.

'Biomutant' Weapon Crafting Guide

Just like most games, you would "Craft" your weapons by farming necessary "Materials."

Most materials would be farmed by exploring the world, looting chests and boxes, or searching trains and broken cars. TheGamer reported there are five base Materials to farm such as: gears, digital chips, wood, plastic, and rubber. So don't throw them away!

Crafting could be done anywhere, but some upgrades can only be applied on a Crafting Table. To start crafting, you need to open the "Crafting Menu," pick your melee or ranged weapon, and select "Craft New Weapon." Note that some weapons require fewer parts, while others need five or more components.

The specs of your weapon, including its range, weight, firepower, critical damage, etc. will depend on the materials you used to craft it. Remember, "Biomutant" lets you customize content, and that includes making your own gun! You can experiment making guns by combining the bits and pieces available on you. The damage output preview will be available on the right side of the screen. The name of your personalized weapon would also be auto-generated at the top of the weapon. If you like what you're seeing, then click "Craft!"

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How to Make Rifles, Shotguns, and Revolvers in 'Biomutant'

Gampur noted that to craft a gun (ranged weapon), you need a "Base Type," "Grip," and "Muzzle."

On Base Type, you can see all the available components you can use. Note that you can see Rarity, Quality, and Material on the top left side of the screen. In the latter part of the game, these will help you determine how to make a better overall weapon, depending on the component's descriptions.

After selecting your Base, combine it with a complementary Grip and Muzzle. You should now see what your new gun would look like. You might also see a few circles surrounding your gun's blueprint. These circles determine upgradable sections for your gun, like adding a Scope, Magazine and other similar components.

When you are satisfied with your gun, check the bottom of the screen. The Crafting Cost, with the necessary Materials, will be indicated below. If you have all these Materials available in your inventory, click "Craft." Congratulations! You now have a gun in "Biomutant."

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