'Fortnite' Skins Guide: How to Claim Street Shadows Challenge Pack and Get Ruby Shadows Cosmetic

'Fortnite' Skins  Guide: How to Claim Street Shadows Challenge Pack and Get Ruby Shadows Cosmetic
Another "Fortnite" skin is available for players. The Ruby Shadow skin is up for grabs for free, but players will have to finish the Street Shadows Challenge in a limited time! Photo : Joshua Hoehne/Unsplash

"Fortnite" is celebrating the NBA playoffs big time with their events. They are now releasing Ruby Shadows Skin for free! It is a PC-only skin, where players are required to log in to their "Fortnite" account on PC.

However, a second method could also get you the Ruby Shadows Skin without using the PC!

The NBA Playoffs for 2021 are starting, and "Fortnite" gives players the chance to join in the hype. First, they released a new "Crossover" event, where players can represent one of the 30 NBA teams in the battle royale. Winning teams earn V-Bucks, event-exclusive cosmetics, and their own NBA Championship Trophy! More details on the event are available in this article.

Now, "Fortnite" just tweeted that "Sometimes, it's more fun to stay in the shadows." The Street Shadows Challenge Pack featuring Ruby Shadows Outfit, Shadow Slicer Pickaxe, and Sky Shadow Glider is now claimable in the PC item shop.

'Fortnite' Skins Guide: How to Claim Street Shadows Challenge Pack

To get the Ruby Shadows Skin, ClutchPoints reported that you have to download the Epic Games Store on your PC device. After which, download "Fortnite" and sign in to your account.

You should be able to find the Street Shadows Challenge pack in the "Fortnite" Store. Then, you need to complete all the challenges to get Ruby Shadows Skin. Fortunately, you can purchase the pack for free.

Note that the Street Shadows Challenge Pack is only available in the Store until June 17, so buy the free pack immediately before taking your time to complete the challenges.

The Street Shadows Challenge Pack is relatively easy. You can complete it for the next five to ten "Fortnite" matches, depending on your gameplay. The challenges and items rewards are as follows:

  • Play with friends 0/5 - Reward: Back Bling
  • Outlast opponents 0/500 - Reward: Glider
  • Deal damage to opponents 0/1000 - Reward: Pickaxe
  • Complete Ruby Shadows Quest - Ruby Shadows Skin.

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Alternative Way to Get Ruby Shadows Cosmetic

YouTuber Tabor Hill said that although the Ruby Shadows Quest pack is an exclusive item on PC, there is another method to get it on mobile and even consoles. This alternative method to get you the Ruby Shadows Skin remains absolutely free, and it only takes a few steps.

The YouTuber also noted that this method remains legal and scam-free. The alternative way is as follows:

  • Grab the device you're using for "Fortnite," either your smartphone, PlayStation, or Xbox gaming console. Open up the browser.
  • Click on this link. It is a website directly linked to Epic Games' official Item Shop.
  • Log in to your Epic Games account.
  • On the shop, you need to purchase the Street Shadows Challenges Pack.
  • You will need to "Place Order" and provide payment details to finish the order. The whole process will cost $0.00, which is absolutely free.
  • Finish your purchase
  • Restart your device and Log-in to "Fortnite."
  • The Street Shadow Challenge Pack should now be available on your account.

You will still need to finish the challenges to get the Ruby Shadows cosmetic set. However, the alternative method should save you time from installing the game on your PC device. Try it out yourself!

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