'Biomutant' DLC Update: When Will the New RPG Get Additional Content?

'Biomutant' DLC Update: When Will the New RPG Get Additional Content?
Players on the newly released "Biomutant" are wondering if the game will get DLC. Developers in Experiment 101 and THQ Nordic company responded that they are considering it in the future. Here are the details of their answer. Photo : Sean Do/Unsplash

Players are feeling the hype on the newly released "Biomutant" title. However, early access players, who have their fair experience in this massive and dangerous post-apocalyptic world, are now wondering if the game will get additional content.

"Biomutant" is a highly anticipated game featuring dangerous mutated mammalian warriors and highly creative or customizable in-game content. It is an open-world RPG that emphasizes details on science fiction and fantasy. The game has now made its debut, available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and a next-generation version is expected to come out later this 2021 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles.

'Biomutant' Content

In their official gameplay overview trailer, Art and Creative Director Stefan Ljungqvist briefly shared some of the in-game content to expect. In terms of gameplay overall, players can expect a mutated mix between "Breath of the Wild," "Ratchet & Clank," "Devil May Cry," "Batman: Arkham Knight," and other iconic games. In addition, the game has an 8x8 kilometer map, which is a lot to explore for your four-foot furry character.

The game was also developed with high levels of character customization. Player avatars can build their own stats or abilities, and they can also morph their appearance to an entirely new "Breed." Customization goes beyond your character's appearance. Players could also customize their clothes and weapons, personalizing their appearance with new upgrades. Stats like agility, armor and other factors will reflect on what you have decided to "Craft."

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As you go deeper into the game, players get to meet six different tribes, each with their own mastered version of the Kung-Fu combat style. Players will travel around meeting these leaders, making alliances and even fighting wars against the other tribes.

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A significant hint in the player's mission lies on the massive tree in the center of the map. It is quoted that the Tree of Life would be the representation for the "world either going under or vibin."

'Biomutant' DLC: When Will it Come?

Dualshockers reported that as of time of writing, "Biomutant" has no planned DLC for their launch. However, there might be some potential for updates in the future. Ljungqvist also noted previously that they "hopefully deserve the right to add more content"-- a huge hint that DLCs will come in the future.  

It is recommended that players first focus on finishing the main game, appreciating the quality and vision built into it. If the game could build up its reputation and momentum, Ljungqvist says that "we hopefully deserve the right to add more content."

Developers say it would take around 30-45 hours to beat the whole game, and it might take 40-45 hours more to finish exploring the massive world built. Players have a lot of digging to do with the "Biomutant" main storyline before developers could consider adding up new content.

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