iPhone 13 Battery Life Raises Hopes to End Battery Drain: Leaked Specs, Features and More

iPhone 13 Battery Life Raises Hopes to End Battery Drain: Leaked Specs, Features and More
A leak revealed that the iPhone 13 will have much-improved battery performance than the current models--a fact that delights iPhone users experiencing fast battery draining. Photo : Leon Neal/Getty Images

With the battery draining issues affecting current iPhone users, especially with the iOS 14.6 update and the prevalence of malware affecting Macs and iPhones, this bit of iPhone 13 rumor could come as refreshing and liberating.

iPhone 13 Battery Life Compared With iPhone 12

A leak from a Twitter user named @LOvetodream revealed a photo from the Chinese microblogging site Weibo in which it shows that the new iPhone 13 models will have improved, stronger battery specs compared to predecessor units, The Next Web reported. The image is from the TENNA certification site in China. TENNA is a Chinese government agency that handles the feasibility of a device and issues an authorization permit for the product to be marketed in the country.

While the tweet was posted in Chinese, translations clearly showed the expected battery performance in the iPhone 13, as compared to the iPhone 12. Here's how the tale of the tape went:

  •  iPhone 12/12 Pro: 2,815 mAh vs iPhone 13/13 Pro 3,095 mAh
  •  iPhone 12 Pro Max 3,687 mAh vs iPhone 13 Pro Max 4,352 mAh
  •  iPhone 12 mini 2,227 mAh vs iPhone 13 mini 2,406 mAh

As seen in the comparisons, the heftiest battery improvement will be for the iPhone 13 Pro Max, having a massive climb of 665 mAh, which means an 18 percent jump in battery life, 9to5Mac noted. This applies to the other models as well, having surges of about 200mAh. With better battery life, the iPhone 13 should come with a more efficient A15 processor and consistent software updates to support the feature.

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The iPhone 13 was rumored to rely entirely on wireless charging through a portless design. However, more reliable leakers said Apple will still depend on Lightning cables for the iPhone 13 battery charging.

iPhone 13 Battery: Jump in Capacity Due to 120Hz ProMotion Display

A feature that may eat up much battery power is the 120 Hz display refresh rates utilizing ProMotion technology, which will be featured in the Pro models, MacRumors revealed. And this is the main reason why Apple is reportedly beefing up its battery power.

A stronger battery should delight current users of the iPhone, having noticed that the battery has been draining too fast. Users of iPhones with iOS 14.5 had realized this terrible inconvenience due to the malware that has corrupted the phone's memory. However, even with follow-up patches and an upgrade to iOS 14.6, the problem persisted.

iPhone Battery Draining Problems

Speculations arose that the new features and apps that came with the iOS 14.6 were to blame for the fast draining. Tips such as optimizing your settings, activating a low power mode or monitoring battery usage, aside from constantly updating your software, have been given to ensure better iPhone battery health. An interesting advice shared is actually downgrading the iOS 14.6 to iOS 14.5.1, which can assure better battery performance.

However, with the release of iPhone 13 soon and the much anticipated iOS 15, these battery issues should have been addressed. And with this leak, it seems it has been confirmed.

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