2023 BMW 3 Series Design Change, Specs and More: New Grille, Headlight Teased!

2023 BMW 3 Series Design Change, Specs and More: New Grille, Headlight Teased!
BMW is set to roll out a refurbished version of its popular 3 Series cars to keep up with the times--Here's a peek at some of these design changes. Photo : Mike/Pexels

A treat is in store for fans of the BMW Series 3, considered one of the most popular German automobiles, as the carmaker announced that the G20 Series 3 is undergoing a major redesign for a 2023 LCI offering three years after the original Series 3 rolled out.

2023 BMW 3 Series LCI Spotted in Supposed Test Drive

A test of the new, refurbished model took place in Scandinavia, Autoevolution posted. It looked quite similar to the old Series 3 in its external design, but spotters think this is too early to tell if the design changes had been implemented. But a close peek inside seems to show a somewhat clear reworking. Its dashboard was concealed under a black sheet, which is seemingly hiding that new curved display previously seen in the BMX iX The display is apparently enormous, spanning a huge portion of the vehicle's dashboard and could feature functions and services already in the iX, but this is mere speculation and such may or may not appear in the actual design.

2023 BMW 3 Series Specs: New Grille, Headlight, Bumper Design

Though these leakers would assume that just like its other new designs, BMW might introduce a head-turning new grille for the G20 Series 3 LCI, similar to the new X3.

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A new headlight design is likewise teased in this Opera News report. But the change is enough to make the G20 Series LCI a premium offering. Rendering showed that the bumper would look a lot like an M Sport or M Performance designs allowing small chrome dots in all of its mesh grilles.

Autoevolution continued that BMW seeks to lessen in half the number of combustion engines BMW sells. But these would not affect the 3 Series LCI , since the 2.0-liter and 3.0-liter turbocharged engines have mid-hybrid capabilities.

The new 3 Series LCI will offer a new infotaiment system, which has been seem in the iX all-electric model.

2023 BMW 3 Series Design: iDrive 8 Might Be Added

Production for this new restyled 3 Series LCI will start reportedly in the summer of next year. As such BMW has all the time in the world to make enhancements to the car's exterior, Motor1 revealed. What's expected is the 3 Series LCI receiving the usual upgrades, such as the altered front and rear fascias, a new trim on the body, with reworked lighting. And we still aren't sure what BMW will do with its powertrains, but there should be more hybridization and electrification in the BMW model roadmap moving forward.

BMW's iDrive 8 is something we should expect to see in its future roll-outs, including the redesigned 3 Series LCI, Motor1 added. The iDrive 8 has an Intelligent Personal Assistant developed to allow conversations between the driver and the vehicle through voice- and dialogue-based interactions. This system would offer ways to customize the driving experience, which is a giant leap in technology offered in BMW cars.

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