'Fortnite' Rick and Morty Skin: How to Unlock Rick Sanchez in Season 7

'Fortnite' Rick and Morty Skin: How to Unlock Rick Sanchez in Season 7
Rick and Morty are officially crossing over to the "Fortnite" universe, complete with skin, pickaxe weapon, glider and other similar cosmetics! Here's how you can get all these items. Photo : Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Rick and Morty are officially crossing over to the "Fortnite" universe, complete with skin, pickaxe weapon, glider and other similar cosmetics. Not only that, but it also comes with an extra-awful variant of the "Toxic Rick" skin set!

"Fortnite" is a popular free-to-play Battle Royale game featuring players stuck on one island together. The game escalates to a free-for-all battle until one winner, player or team, is left standing. While the "Fortnite" gameplay is exciting and fun, another reason for its overall success is the big multimedia library or crossover the game incorporates.

A new chapter opens up to "Fortnite" for the Season 7 event. "The Invasion" is here! Flying saucers and Aliens is just the beginning, as the new chapter also introduces new weapons with the innovations of IO.

Lastly, to join in the hype for the new event, "Fortnite" lets you create your own Alien through their Battle Pass.

'Fortnite' Battle Pass

To enjoy the full debut of "Fortnite Chapter 2: The Invasion," you should definitely consider buying the "Fortnite" Battle Pass. The Battle Pass costs around 950 V-Bucks, roughly about $10. You can buy it on the "Fortnite" webpage or in-game item shop.

Getting the Battle Pass lets you unlock premium in game content and in the shop. Discounts and bonuses can help you cashback your V-bucks.

If you get the Battle Pass, new outfits would be available for your purchase. The list includes:

  • Kymera and cosmetics
  • Sunny and cosmetics
  • Guggimon and cosmetics
  • Joey and cosmetics
  • Zyg & Choppy and cosmetics
  • Doctor Slone and cosmetics
  • Rick Sanchez and cosmetics
  • Superman and cosmetics

This season's Battle Pass also introduces a new reward system. Players can unlock rewards by collecting Battle Stars that they get when they level up. Battle stars could be used, instead of V-Bucks, to purchase the outfits indicated above.

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'Fortnite' Rick and Morty Skin: How to Unlock Rick Sanchez

As mentioned, the drunk mad scientist Rick Sanchez could be unlocked through Battle Pass or Battle Stars.

PC Gamer reported that Rick Sanchez is the tier 100 reward for battle pass buyers/Fortnite Crew subscribers. Note that Rick Sanchez ranks as an Epic-grade outfit in-game.

The cosmetic pack for Rick Sanchez includes:

  • Butter Robot - back bling cosmetic: It is a cute little robot bag that offers high-quality dairy to your teammates watching your back.
  • Hammerhead Morty: The other iconic character of the series, little nerdy Morty, is coming in-game as a hammer-shaped pickaxe tool. It is notable that the arms and body of the pickaxe greatly resemble Morty's traditional cartoon outfit.
  • Rick's UFO Cruiser: The complementary glider that Rick uses when descending to the island. The UFO Cruiser uses two rocket booster packs to "achieve flight.'

Note that Rick Sanchez and all his cosmetics are incorporated into "Fortnite" in animated form. So Rick stands out as a playable cartoon character in the middle of humanoid semi-realistic designs. Just how cool is that?

Don't miss out on the chance to get Rick Sanchez by logging in to Fortnite now!

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