$1000 Plus Stimulus Payment: Online Tracker, Deadline, and How to Get Unclaimed Property, Funds

$1000 Plus Stimulus Payment: Online Tracker, Deadline, and How to Get Unclaimed Property, Funds
if you are not sure if you have unclaimed property or funds from the state, you can check online now! Who knows, the government could owe you hundreds or thousands of dollars for these forgotten assets. Photo : Jeff Fusco/Getty Images

If you're getting tired from all these fourth stimulus checks and IRS protocols, then you'd love the new online solution. Check if you have any unclaimed property or money from the government in just a few minutes! You can do it now and immediately start the process for your return payment.

The state government knows it owes you money coming from an unclaimed deposit, uncashed checks, stock bonds, or a forgotten safety deposit box. Your local government holds on to these monetary assets for safekeeping and would immediately return the money after processing your eligibility papers.

Cnet reported that different states publicly announced some of the unclaimed property values they are currently holding. South Carolina uses social media to connect their residents with unclaimed property. Moreover, New York reports $16.5 billion worth of forgotten property, while California has approximately 10.2 billion and Florida has $328 million worth of unclaimed monetary assets.

Furthermore, it's not just a small amount. Apparently, the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators revealed that people claimed an average of $1,780 back in 2019.

Your unclaimed money might also be included in that list!

Unclaimed Property, Funds: Payment Online Tracker

The state could owe you money for a lot of different reasons. Aside from the ones mentioned above, you might have forgotten a credit balance, refund payment, utility deposit, insurance benefits, or other similar circumstances. The stimulus payment and plus-up payment can also be listed as unclaimed property.

To check if the government owes you money, head to unclaimed.org

Select your State or Province. You will now be redirected to the webpage of your local jurisdiction where you can enter your personal information, like your last name. All monetary items listed in your name will reflect on the results bar.

The site is free for public use and lists all the monetary assets most governments are keeping. Using this website, over $3 billion money has been returned by the state annually.

You could also use the FindMyFund website to search for other monetary assets. This one, however, lets your search all properties across 25 states and the District of Columbia at the same time. Note, however, that this website has a lot of traffic. Sometimes, the webpage would not load and requires multiple "page refresh" to finally work.

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How to Get Unclaimed Property, Funds Payment

Each state handles the claiming process for monetary assets according to their local government policy. However, most of them might require you to at least present

  • A copy of your photo ID
  • A copy of your Social Security card or Individual Tax Identification Number
  • Your current address and verification
  • Documentation relating to the type of unclaimed property

Some states might have a deadline for you to claim your money or property. If the deadline passes, the government will take ownership of your money and asset. Usually, the government waits up to three years before they claim the assets.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Money?

If you complete the process of applying and submitting your documents for reclaiming monetary assets, then it could take a total of 90 ro 180 days for the Division of Unclaimed Properties to process the claim.

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