'Star Trek' Characters Teased in 'Fortnite' Crossover: Captain Kirk, Spock, Uhura Skins, Cosmetics Coming? [RUMOR]

'Star Trek' Characters Teased in 'Fortnite' Crossover: Kirk, Spock, Uhura Skins, Cosmetics Coming? [RUMOR]
"Star Trek" characters are rumored to crossover in the latest season of the popular battle game "Fortnite," with clear evidence supporting such unofficial reports. Photo : Mario Tama/Getty Images

Another famous batch of much-awaited crossovers are coming to "Fortnite," and the excitement has gone fever pitch with the rumored entry of the entire fleet of Starship Enterprise into the fray.

Yes, "Star Trek" fans, the rumored inclusion of the show's well-loved characters in "Fortnite" Chapter 2: Season 7 is getting close to reality. Forbes reported a sudden thematic shift covering extraterrestrial life that could spell the return of Captain Kirk, Spock and Uhura with their crew and famous aliens in tow, this time possibly as skins on the popular multiplayer battle game.

'Star Trek' Characters in 'Fortnite' Crossover: Key Evidence

Space.com revealed the iconic Battle Pass leveling system includes that familiar Vulcan salute, which is a giveaway. Forbes also pointed out a message in a secret puzzle Epic Games sent out recently that said: "UNIVERSAL TRANSLATION MALFUNCTION," which is referenced from "Star Trek Discovery"--a series that currently airs on Paramount Plus.

A supposed clincher--wherein Epic Games Chief Operating Officer Donald Mustard teased a "Star Trek" poster in one of his appearances--also further hinted that a crossover of "Star Trek" will soon happen on "Fortnite." After all, the game is known for its wide array of skins reflecting pop culture icons, Giant Freakin Robot reported.

Currently, the new patch brings new characters from famous franchises such as "Superman" and "Rick and Morty." The "Superman" skin, Giant Freakin Robot further claimed, will appear in the new Battle Pass by mid-August, while getting Rick Sanchez from "Rick and Morty" would need a Battle Pass Level 90 or a massive amount of Battle Stars to unlock.

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To get a Battle Pass, you need to purchase a monthly subscription to "Fortnite" for $11.99, or use the game's currency called V-buck. The current season costs 950 V-bucks. As you progress in the game, you will receive five "Battle Stars" per level, which you will use to spend on select rewards, such as the new cosmetics--which could possible include the "Star Trek" characters, if and when they are announced.

'Star Trek' Poster in Epic Games Exec's Presentation

Mustard suggested that a "crew" of the Starship Enterprise could appear in the Battle Royale, Giant Freakin Robot reported. However, it's unknown who among the characters will crossover or from what era they would come from. There is still no official word from Epic Games if they would have the "Star Trek" crossover for real.

The poster Mustard shared was from the movie "Star Trek: Into The Darkness" in 2013, and this led to much speculation if indeed Captain Kirk, Spock, Uhura, and the rest of the Starfleet will be included.

They are nowhere to be found in the new patch, but this does not mean they won't appear on "Fortnite" in the future. This probability is quite high given that the "Star Trek" characters' presence would fit in the futuristic setting of "Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 7," which now centers on technology and alien life. In this new season, players could take over and pilot flying saucers, as well as use quite an advanced array f weaponry such as rail guns that can scan and shoot through walls.

New Enhancements on 'Fortnite'

New enhancements have been integrated in the game, such as improved visual effects and better post-processing. Its PC version has leveled up with shadow quality features that rival the next-generation consoles, but this has led to a stark change in the system requirements of the game. This includes having a recommended Nvidia GTX 660 or AMD Radion HD 7870 or any equivalent DX1 GPU, 2 GB of VRAM, and 8GB of RAM.

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