'Fortnite' Skins Update: Deathstroke Skin Item Shop Release Date, and How to Unlock it Early

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In the latest "Fortnite" skins update, players will have a chance to get the Deathstroke skin earlier with the Deathstroke Zero Cup! Photo : Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

From Lara Croft and Beast Boy to Batman and Raven--with the flurry of Marvel and DC crossovers and the addition of NBA superstars--Epic Games surely knows how to add thrill to its "Fortnite" game by bringing in the icons of our imagination since days of old.

Now "Fortnite" features a spine-tingling addition to its growing roster of these iconic "appearances." Welcome the Teen Titans' menacing antagonist Deathstroke, who is also known as Slade, shining on your "Fortnite" playing screens!

'Fortnite' Deathstroke Skin: How to Use It

As per Epic Games, the DC Comics villain arrives in the "Primal" version of "Fortnite" via the Deathstroke Zero Outfit skin. It includes Deathstroke's katanas, which "Fortnite" developers said could be "used both as a Back Bling and/or Pickaxe for players." Likewise, players can separately purchase the Deathstroke Destroyer Glider for cutthroat gameplay.

Deathstroke, PC Gamer noted, was memorable for "shadowy behind-the-scenes plotting" over the teen superheroes that made him stand out amongst the "quasi-Punisher"-type villains in comic lore.

'Fortnite' Deathstroke Zero Cup: How to Join

For a chance to seize the skin days before its official availability, fans can join the Deathstroke Zero Cup on Thursday, May 27, Forbes revealed. It's a solo competition wherein players will have a limited amount of time to complete up to 10 matches, earning as many points as they can. How to gain these points and other details about the tournament are found in Epic's Deathstroke Zero Cup rules page.

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However, even if you fail at snagging that coveted skin, players can still earn a "Slade's Watching" spray if they get at least eight points.

'Fortnite' Deathstroke Release Date

On its June 1 release, the Deathstroke skin will be available on the Epic Games store.

Deathstroke has not only brought much infamy on the Teen Titans, but the character has also rivaled Batman and Green Arrow and hovered around the DCEU. The character allegedly inspired a popular Marvel superhero, Deadpool, who is also an assassin that became quite a hilarious version of a serious killer. Deadpool likewise showed up in "Fortnite" years ago.

Deathstroke as Seen in the DCEU

The ruthless murderer even made an unforgettable cameo towards the end of "Justice League Snyder Cut." Deathstroke, played by Joe Manganiello, emerged to chat with a waiting Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) on a yacht, finding out the true identity of Batman--which was supposed to set the stage for a derailed Batman solo film.

Fans had since clamored for a solo Deathstroke film, but no concrete plans had been indicated as of yet.

But they can still find delight with such iterations in the gaming world, especially in "Fortnite," where Deathstroke can really unleash his furious, murderous fit.

He is the latest DC villain to enter the "Fortnite" world, after the Joker, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn among others. As such, players can surely look forward to wearing the Deathstroke skin in a climactic confrontation with different Batman iterations in the game, or with the Green Arrow.

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