Joe Exotic NFT for Sale: Dogecoin and Ethereum Arts, Digital Cards and More!

Joe Exotic NFT for Sale: Dogecoin and Ethereum Arts, Digital Cards and More!
Joe Exotic NFTs are up for auction, and some of the items include a Dogecoin and Ethereum digital arts. Photo : Executium/Unsplash

As more celebrities penetrate the crypto space, people won't be surprised who will turn up next. This includes Joe Exotic, the viral ex-zoo operator serving a 22-year jail sentence over wildlife violations. He is the subject of the 2020 Netflix true crime docuseries "Tiger King."

Joe Exotic NFTs: 'Non-Functioning' Smith & Wesson, Dogecoin and Ethereum Arts for Sale

Jumping on the crypto bandwagon, Exotic is set to auction his own line of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from prison. According to a Hypebeast report, Exotic has partnered with the crypto members club MORE and his lawyer Brad Small to auction off a number of his personal belongings and some 3D renderings. Hosted on Minitable, Exotic is auctioning off his "non-functioning" Smith and Wesson pistol and holster, 15 digital trading cards, his iconic fringed leather jacket, and a separate black jacket and pants set, a bikini worn by adult film actress Rachel Starr, and his genuine audio recordings while serving jail time at Fort Worth, Texas.

There are NFTs of animated images, such as those of Joe and a chimpanzee and another bearing Joe and what appears to be the Dogecoin shiba-inu. His audio recordings include Joe's own composition, "I Saw A Tiger," and a recorded message when he defined NFTs as "Never Forget the Tigers."

As of writing, the revolver and the complementary NFTs are bidding for as high as $100,000, Rolling Stone reported.

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Joe Exotic Hopes Items Will Have a 'Well-Deserved Home'

In a statement quoted by Yahoo, Exotic said that it has been "great to have a voice via blockchain technology," as he stated he was "honored to be the first to kickoff MORE's celebrity NFTs." He added that he hopes "whoever purchases my personal belongings is able to give them a well-deserved home."

Exotic expressed elation that the auction "makes me feel connected with the outside world, especially without my cats by my side." He furthered that people may love or hate him for what he has done, but "there's no doubt that everyone wants a piece of the Tiger King."

Joe Exotic Tiger King Coin

Prior to the NFT auction, Exotic introduced a Tiger King Crypto coin, represented as $TKING, wherein he laid out a three-phase roadmap of success. He advertised the money earned from the cryptocurrencies will be allotted to his animal rescue efforts and for his cancer treatments.

With a supply of one trillion cryptocurrencies, the new coin has a long-term plan for crypto development called "$TKING Roadmap to Kingdom." The NFT sale is at the third phase of this roadmap, including its NFT marketplace and further plans for the crypto.

A video guide shared details on how to purchase these $TKING crypto coins, under the category "Ethereum contract." YouTuber Dr Niki recommended the use of Binance or Coinmarketcap in making the purchase. If you have an existing account, doing an "Unswap" will complete the process.

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