Snapchat Cameo App Guide: How to Delete Your Cameo in 5 Seconds!

Snapchat Cameo App Guide: How to Delete Your Cameo in 5 Seconds!
Setting up your Snapchat Cameo is pretty quick and easy, but deleting it isn't as straightforward. Find out how you can delete your Cameo. It's actually really quick and easy Photo : Thought Catalog/Pexels

If you have found yourself wanting to change or delete your Cameo, you would come to realize that the setting in the Snapchat app aren't very clear.

It's actually quite easy once you know which icons to tap.

What Are Snapchat Cameos?

Snapchat Cameros bring a high level of personalization to your messages.

Taking a page out of Bitmoji's success, Snapchat created Cameos in 2019, Republic World said. This feature allows you to paste your head over looping videos. Cameos give you hundreds of options to choose from to portray every emotion you can think of.

Setting up a Cameo is easy.

On the Snapchat app, open a DM chat with any of your friends and tap the emoji option next to the chatbox. Your Bitmoji stickers should be showing up if you have them already linked to your Snapchat. At  the bottom panel, an option next to Bitmoji should be available. Select that option and now the icon will display a face with a plus sign on it.

After you select that icon, tap on any video and get ready to take your Cameo selfie. Position your face in the frame, and if it doesn't work out the first time, you can take another one. Click continue and you've made your first Cameo!

How to Delete Your Snapchat Cameo

Although the feature is a lot of fun to play around with, some users may not be comfortable with the idea of their face plastered on a GIF, Screen Rant shared. Cameos of each individual are accessible to anyone you chat with and maybe having your juxtaposed goofy face on a GIF for everyone you communicate with to see isn't something you're down with.

Whatever your reason, Snapchat makes it really quick for you to delete your Cameos.

To clear your Cameos selfie, tap the gear icon in My Profile to open Settings. Go to Accounts Actions and select Clear My Cameos Selfie. Tap Clear to confirm and it's that simple!

Clearing your Cameos selfie will also delete related photo data for you and your friends. To create Cameos again, you'll have to take a new selfie.

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How to Edit Your Snapchat Cameos

What if you've already set up your Cameo but want to replace the existing selfie with a new one instead of deleting it outright?

You can do so by opening the Snapchat app, heading to a DM chat, tapping the smiley face icon for your emojis keyboard, then selecting the Cameos icon at the bottom of the screen. A set up Cameo would have your face as the icon, Screen Rant noted.

Go ahead and press and hold on to any of the available Cameos until a pop-up menu shows up on your screen. You can also tap on a Cameos tile and select "... More." Tap "New Selfie" and take a new picture to replace the old one.

The app also allows you to choose who can use your Cameos selfie when using two-person Cameos. Just open Settings > Who Can... > Use my Cameos Selfie.

From there, you can choose between three privacy settings: Everyone, so any Snapchat user who can contact you can use your Cameos selfies; My Friends, which allows only your friends to use your Cameos; Only Me to disable two-person Cameos.

Snapchat users you have blocked can never use your Cameos selfie. To report inappropriate Cameos, tap on the cameo to open it, press and hold on it and click the white flag icon and file the report.

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