Spectacles Augmented Reality Glasses Revealed: How to Get AR Glasses for Free!

Spectacles Augmented Reality Glasses Revealed: How to Get AR Glasses for Free!
The new Spectacles Augmented Reality Glasses are pushing the limits of immersive AR. Snap is looking for people to create those experiences with them by giving their AR glasses for free. Photo : Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Snap Inc.

Snap has just announced its new Spectacles. The new glasses are the fourth iteration of the company's line of camera glasses and this time, they have pushed the boundaries in the name of creativity with its Augmented Reality (AR) application.

The said Spectacles aren't ready for the mass market, but you can apply to get your hands on these Spectacles for free.

Spectacles Augmented Reality Glasses

The new Spectacles debuted in Snap's Partner Summit. CEO Evan Spiegel introduced the glasses, stating Snap now has the ability to "realistically ground digital objects in the physical world."

Unlike its predecessor--the Spectacles 3 which allowed for AR to be superimposed in your phone after you took the video with your glasses--the new Spectacles lets users to experience augmented reality in real time with its dual waveguide displays, as reported by The Verge.

Spectacles also feature two stereo speakers and four built-in microphones that can capture audio and voice command like "Hello Snapchat." It also features a touchpad on the right temple to navigate the Lenses you can use to access different AR effects. It is packed with tech, which is why it weighs 4.7 ounces, twice the weight of a classic pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers, as Wired noted.

Spiegel's favorite Lens is a poetry app, with the words appearing before your eyes as you view the real world. "This may sound a little esoteric, but the way the words relate to the physical space that you're in, and bring a totally different dimension to the poem-I thought that was interesting, when you look at the future of creativity," Spiegel told Wired.

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Spectacles Glasses Made for Creativity

Snap is positioning their new Spectacles for creators, specifically. Unlike other companies invested in AR, like Google with their goal towards indexing the world's information, or Facebook's approach in building connection, or even Apple's approach which is to tie you into their Apple Ecosystem, Snap intends Spectacles to be a tool for creators, as Spiegel expressed in his interview with Wired.

A new feature Snap has also introduced is Connected Lenses, allowing multiple Spectacles users to experience the same AR in real time together. Placing importance on creators, Snap has decided to directly distribute a number of Spectacles to AR effects creators who apply on their program found in their website, saying they are "looking to push the limits of immersive AR experiences."

How to Apply as a Creator

To "Join the Spectacles Journey" as they call it on their website, all snap asks of you is to provide your website or portfolio, information on your current AR or VR tool set, and a link to the Lens, Appstore, or video of the AR/VR experience. They also ask you to answer the question: "What kind of experiences do you want to build?" Your answer has to be 500 characters or less.

Spiegel believes that head-worn tech, like the Spectacles, will create big shifts in how people interact with consumers. He does not see Snap or Snapchat transitioning to wearable tech directly, but he is excited to build their tech alongside creators, as reported by The Verge.

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