Twitter iOS Update Allows Directly Sharing Tweets on Instagram Stories, Here's How to Do It

Twitter iOS Update Allows Directly Sharing Tweets on Instagram Stories, Here's How to Do It
Twitter users can now share their tweets to their Instagram Stories easily and in less than 10 seconds! The new Twitter update for the iOS allows for direct sharing on Instagram and here's how to do it. Photo : Gabrielle Henderson/Unsplash

Twitter has just rolled out its new iOS update and it's definitely a quicker way to share tweets on Instagram. The update allows for an easier integration of both platforms, offering a more seamless way to share tweets that can also be redirected back to the Twitter app.

Twitter iOS Update

Back in 2020, Twitter tested out sharing tweets as a sticker on Instagram stories on a select number of iOS users. Now, in an official announcement, all Twitter users on iOS devices will be able to share Tweets directly to their Instagram Stories.

Twitter rolled out a similar feature late last year, allowing users to add tweets into Snapchat as a sticker. Users can manipulate the sticker and customize the post which can then be sent to people or on the user's Snapchat story. Whoever wants to see the rest of the tweet can do so by swiping up on the post.

Previously, tweets can be shared on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat as screenshot photos which are then posted. This was all right for those who simply wanted to post a funny tweet but with no possibility for linking or redirecting back to Twitter, creators and business owners couldn't use it as a tool to convert or generate more interaction.

Not to mention, the process is a bit laborious, taking the screenshot and cropping it before it can be posted out.

Now, with the new update, not only can you directly share the tweet easily and redirect people to Twitter to access links or learn more, you can resize, reposition, and customize the Instagram Story as you would any other story post, The Verge says.

This feature is quite handy, especially for users who also use the microblogging platform often and share their tweets to their Instagram just as often, as well as business owners or creators who use Twitter as an important platform to support and promote their business.

However, it is still quite difficult to share Instagram content to Twitter, as Instagram post links shared on Twitter remain as plain URLs with no preview card.

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Sharing Tweets to Instagram Story

Once you've installed the newest update from the App Store, the integration to Instagram Stories is easy to use. When you've found a tweet you want to share, just tap the share icon underneath the said tweet and select "Instagram Stories" for the list of apps HT Tech says.

Once the Instagram app opens, Twitter added, you can resize or reposition the Tweet sticker. You can also add GIFs, other stickers, and text as you do with any other Instagram Story Post.

The Verge notes that this feature works best with text- and image-based tweets. Embedded videos in tweets are imported into Instagram as a static image and do not support playback of the video on the Instagram Story itself.

The process is quick and similar to how you can share songs from Spotify or Apple Music.

Android users will have to wait a little while longer before the same update and functionality can be offered on Android OS.

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